The Gas Mask Animation Is Already Frustrating Fans In Warzone 2

The Gas Mask Animation Is Already Frustrating Fans In Warzone 2
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Jack Marsh


25th Nov 2022 13:02

It's like we never left Verdansk. We're three years down the line on a brand-new game and a brand-new map with brand-new loot systems and brand-new weapons, yet the same old bugs are plaguing our battle royale experience.

The gas mask animation was one of the first features in Warzone that was immediately criticised. The players had to physically place the mask on their face or remove it, taking their hands off guns, even in the middle of a gunfight.

Despite the animation being the cause of many deaths in Warzone, and even being removed through a toggle in the final half of the last season, the animation has continued into Warzone 2, and it's already begun claiming victims.

Warzone 2 Gas Mask Animation Is Killing Players

Just one week into Warzone 2 and players are remembering just how annoying the gas mask animation is, especially in the latter stages of the game when the gas inches players inwards. 

Now, the animation has gone viral, as one player was marooned to finishing third in a game of Solos as the gas mask prevented them from deploying their parachute, meaning they died from fall damage.

With one player downed and the other weak, this death at the hands of the gas mask denied an assured battle royale victory for the Reddit user.

One fan pointed out that this action was previously patched in the original Warzone title, something that has failed to be translated to the sequel. "In WZ1, the parachute takes priority over gas mask animation," they reiterated.

What happened to the Gas Mask Toggle In Warzone 2?

During the final season of Warzone, Raven Software rolled out a quality-of-life update that included a toggle for the gas mask. This meant that players could manually equip and unequip the gas mask at will, allowing players time to finish what they were doing before having to face the animation.

Although it was designed with the sole purpose of being a trial for Warzone 2, the developers have opted not to put it into the sequel title. The toggle will still exist as a feature, yet it's being held back by the dev team.

It seems like we're going to have to get used to this horrible animation once again, only for the fixes to be dribbled out over the next six months.

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