There's one team at the Call of Duty Playoffs that should be receiving the lion's share of bets.

18:30, 06 Aug 2020

Every Call of Duty esports fans' favourite time of year is rapidly approaching. The Call of Duty League Playoffs begin in just a couple of weeks, and all 12 teams are vigorously preparing for the fight ahead. While it may not seem like every squad has a shot, the online atmosphere of the event gives every roster a fighting chance. However, when it comes down to it, there’s always one team that is marked as the “favourite”. In years past, this has usually been the roster that’s performed well in the events leading up to Call of Duty Champs. Of course, this year has been a little different - with the Home Series event and playing online. Although there’s still one squad, we would consider a notch above the rest. 

Looking at the top seeds 

In terms of a group of favourites, it’s hard to argue against the top four seeds all being considered to win COD Champs. Atlanta, Dallas, Florida, and Chicago all have MVP-caliber players and won at least two Home Series apiece. While each squad has had their team in the limelight, all four have been relatively consistent all year. Though, Atlanta and Dallas have arguably been more steady than either Florida or Chicago, which is why they’re the one and two seed in the standings. 

Speaking of Atlanta and Dallas, it’s hard to dispute that these two squads should be favoured more so than Florida or Chicago. They have more overall points, displayed poise all season long, and have star-studded rosters through and through. Both rosters even feature multiple World Champions, so it’s a tough call when deciding which team should be favoured over the other. 

However, in our opinion, the slightest edge needs to be given to the Atlanta FaZe. From the start of the year, FaZe have dominated in nearly every facet of their game. Whether it’s Search and Destroy or respawn game modes, Atlanta has proven they can win in multiple different ways. This is helped by the fact that there’s not a single weak spot on the roster. There’s the MVP candidate, McArthur “Cellium” Jovel, defending World Champions Chris “Simp” Lehr and Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris, and budding superstars Preston “Priestahh” Greiner and Mike “MajorManiak” Szymaniak.

Call of Duty Champs Winner

Each player on the roster has made a huge play at one time or another and has the capability to be among the best in the world. Not many teams can say that about their 2020 roster. Sure, Dallas has superstar players, but the roster just isn’t as complete as Atlanta’s. There are certain weak spots in the Empire’s lineup and the Toronto Ultra exposed those weaknesses at the last Home Series event. That’s not to say Dallas isn’t capable of shaping up before Champs, but it feels like FaZe holds the edge at this point. 

In regards to the CDL Playoffs bracket itself, FaZe does have the easier route to the grand finals. After all, they’re the number one seed so they’ll face the lower-seeded teams before Dallas does. In all likelihood, Atlanta’s first match will be against New York or Chicago, both of whom have the potential to upset FaZe. However, if ATL can get over that hurdle, they’ll have found their footing, and it makes the next matchup a little easier. 

FaZe has beaten every roster in the CDL and should be more than ready for the Playoffs. If the squad can pull together as they have at previous events, they’ve shown that no team can stop them. Dallas might have the best shot at this point in time, but you never know how the bracket will shake-up. However, the biggest bet to win Call of Duty Champs should be on the Atlanta FaZe. 

Images via CODLeague

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