The Cube Queen Could Be Hiding In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

The Cube Queen Could Be Hiding In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3
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Jack Marsh


7th Jun 2022 13:13

Vibes, vibes, and guess what? More vibes. That's the theme behind Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, as the spring chick awakens and brings sunshine and sports to spruced map. However, just as Stranger Things returns to the screens on Netflix, it seems like an equally ethereal and eerie necromancer is about to cut our Fortnite spring break short.

While Jonesy and co. dig out their armbands, and Darth Vader uses the Force to air-bend around the returning slipstreams, the cinematic reveal of Chapter 3 Season 3 showcased a small snippet of a new (or returning) foe lurking in the shadows.

The trailer begins with the sinking Zero Point, which will have whet the appetite of the Fortnite lore fanatics, as it appears to finally be free from the grasp of the so-called Imagined Order. Instead, it is beating in the water once again. However, come the end of the 90-second cinematic, as the Zero Point essence highlights the new Reality Tree POI, it appears that the aura has slipped into the hands of someone else, amid all of the jet-ski fun.


Who Is The New Fortnite Villain?

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As the violescent and enigmatic antagonist was spotted by fans, speculation soon rose as to who they are. Most people have come to the same conclusion that she's the Cube Queen. The appearance of this new baddie somewhat resembles that of the Cube Queen, with her piercing eyes and facial shape being the same, alongside a spiked hair-do that could very well be the Queen's new mask.

With the Reality Tree coming in the new Chapter, this could be another hint that the Cube Queen is the purple-tinted silhouette holding the Zero Point - given that her demise was during the Chapter 2 Season 8 Live Event: The Last Reality.


Is the Cube Queen Returning To Fortnite?

Leaks have now revealed what the new antagonist is supposed to look like, and should they be believed, the resemblance to the Cube Queen is still there. The only real difference is that she's just here without her crowning jewels.

It could be a fresh look for the Cube Queen, who, should she return in any capacity, will likely be stronger than ever. 

However, other fans also believe that this is not the Cube Queen, and is actually Bloom. With this new foe being dubbed as a "Pluxarian Queen", this could be a hint towards Bloom, who is a Pluxarian species. The pink hair is certainly quite a match.

The Bloom skin first appeared as part of the Plant Based Patrol set in Chapter 2 Season 7. Bloom's flower power could be an interesting addition to the spring theme too; who said baddies can't have vibes too?

Whether it be the Cube Queen, Bloom, a new Pluxarian Queen, or someone completely different, we're in for another long season. It's worth bearing in mind that next time you load into Fortnite, make sure to take advantage of the theme park and splashes of sunshine, as they might not be here for long.

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