Tekken 8 DLC characters may have been leaked online

Tekken 8 DLC characters may have been leaked online
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Megan Cooke


10th Feb 2024 19:11

A data miner has suggested that a few familiar Tekken characters could be coming as part of a future Tekken 8 DLC, after finding references to them in the game files.

Based on the leak, it seems as though all of the upcoming DLC characters could be from previous games, leaving some fans upset that there may not be any new content.

A leaker has revealed three Tekken 8 DLC characters found in the game code

Twitter user and data miner, shootmans, shared some information about potential DLC characters for Tekken 8 which they found when searching through game code.

While the leak was initially shared on Twitter on January 27, it recently gained traction on Reddit.

As well as mentions of Eddy, who was confirmed to be coming as a DLC character in January, the code revealed hints at Fahkumram, Lidia Sobieska, and Marduk.

Evidence pointing at Fahkumram comes from references to a Muay Thai fighter from Thailand.

A character referenced as being from Poland points at Lidia, who is the Prime Minister of Poland within the Tekken series.

Finally, Marduk has come from references to Vale Tudo and the country Australia.

Of course, since none of the characters are named there is a chance that these hints could be referencing new characters, however the odds of someone being created who so closely resembles other characters seems slim.

Shootmans also stated that Bruce was no longer being added, much to several fans' disappointment.

Tekken players don’t seem too excited about the leaked characters

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It seems as though the list shared by the leaker has led to some disappointment, particularly as there are seemingly no new characters coming.

One player wrote: “I can’t believe the expectation from Namco is that we’re going to pay for repeat seasons of Tekken 7.

“Like I know no one is forcing us to buy them but surely reusing previous seasons on a new iteration of a game is a bit…cheap.”

Another player said: “I’m pissed, not gonna lie.”

Similarly, a Reddit user agreed, saying: “I'm not sure if I like the idea of Namco charging for DLC characters that were already DLC in the prior game. Thank goodness I'm a Kazama/Mishima main.”

Not everyone seems quite so disappointed however, with several players excited for the return of such characters.

One said: “I'd gladly take Lidia and Fahkumram over 70% of the boring base roster.”

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There are other explanations for the characters being found in the game files, such as them being cut from the original roster, so there is no use in losing hope just yet.

Since nothing is confirmed, and Bandai Namco is yet to comment on the leaks, we will have to take the line up with a grain of salt.

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