Tekken 8 players want to punch newly revealed Fight Pass into the sun

Tekken 8 players want to punch newly revealed Fight Pass into the sun
Images via Bandai Namco

Written by 

Joseph Kime


1st Apr 2024 16:14

The conversation around microtransactions has met yet another boiling point. Capcom has brought the subject back into conversation with the launch of Dragon’s Dogma 2, a brilliant game in its own right sullied in part by microtransactions attached to items you can earn in the game.

The practice is frustrating at the best of times, but now, it appears Tekken 8 is the next to offer an additional paid extra.

Tekken 8 players rage over its Fight Pass

Tekken 8 has introduced a “Fight Pass”, which is probably exactly what you think it is, and players are seething.

The pass is designed to allow players to level up by completing daily and weekly challenges in online games which allows them to pick up some special and exclusive rewards, much like Fortnite’s Battle Pass. It’s a relatively simple thing to add to a game that many fans are used to at this point, but the big problem players have with its implementation here is that Tekken 8 is a full-priced game.

Of course, players can get by without shelling out for the Fight Pass since it's entirely optional, but with exclusive rewards up for grabs, die-hard Tekken fans feel very strongly about the arrival of the mechanic.

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Fans react to Tekken 8’s Fight Pass

Fans have wasted no time in lashing out against Bandai Namco on the Tekken subreddit, frustrated that paying for the full game wasn’t enough.

$70 game with in-game shop AND battle pass? Man I love playing Tekken but this is insane,” says one user.

Giving money for old stuff we had for free in the past? I'll stick to mods,” adds another frustrated player.

As some move to boycott the Fight Pass as a whole, it’s not a good look for Bandai Namco who have found themselves in a whirlwind of frustration that is truly as vicious as ever. Bandai Namco, meet Capcom - we're sure you'll get along nicely.

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