Summit1G Misses DayZ Expansion's Trolly Tribute

Summit1G Misses DayZ Expansion's Trolly Tribute

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Sascha Heinisch


9th Sep 2020 14:31

How did he miss it? Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd "summit1g" Lazar got taken for a ride by DayZ mod developers while he was live on his stream. Playing the popular mod “DayZ Expansion”, the devs injected summit’s logo into the game and made it drop onto his player character just as he stepped away from his computer.

“What’s the deal with the Christmas trees?”, you may ask? Summit had recently been complaining about the density of trees across the DayZ landscape, allowing players to easily get away from attackers, creating a not very fun playstyle, even discussing the issue with streaming superstar Michael "shroud" Grzesiek on Twitter.

The developers of DayZ Expansion took the complaint and leaned into it, dropping Christmas trees with ornaments right onto his character’s head. A couple of minutes later summit noticed the changes on his screen and had a hearty chuckle.

Reliving the moment when he missed it, summit later watched a clip of himself just barely missing the objects falling on his screen.


Summit has been streaming DayZ as his main game for a couple of weeks now, getting himself into all kinds of hilarious situations usually involving trolling unsuspecting players he finds in the wild.

Summit is currently the fourth most followed streamer on Twitch after almost a decade of streaming mostly FPS games, initially coming up in CS:GO and WarZ but also playing several Arma games as well as the early versions of DayZ.

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Sascha Heinisch
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