Starfield players find hidden Halo Easter egg

Starfield players find hidden Halo Easter egg
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19th Sep 2023 13:10

There was a time earlier in 2023 when we couldn't move for space games, but thankfully, there's a little more room to breathe. That doesn't mean that we aren't going on space-faring expeditions, as Starfield's cold grip has claimed gamers across the world.

This space epic is pulling players effortlessly into the classic Bethesda gameplay loop, set on the backdrop of the Settled Systems and beyond. Now, it looks like the title has paid homage to the sci-fi games that have paved the way for Starfield's success.

Starfield fan spots Halo easter egg

There is a feature of Starfield that Halo fans are loving, and it pertains to one of the game's planets that appears quite heavily in the lore of Halo.

It's said that Reach, one of the most important planets in the world of Halo, is the second planet from the sun in the Eridani system. Well, the Eridani system exists in Starfield, and as such, so does Reach.

Travelling to the system to explore the planet that is meant to be Reach in the shooter franchise, Reddit user killingjoke96 has shared details about the planet's appearance in Starfield, calling it "a lush breathable planet with many biomes similar to how Reach was portrayed in the game."

Whether or not Bethesda planned for the Easter egg, it's a potential homage to Microsoft's other big sci-fi favourite. Better yet, it looks like you might be able to set up a full settlement on the gorgeous planet of Reach. Kind of.

Fans react to Reach's appearance in Starfield

The Ni'Var region of planet Vulcan in Star Trek.
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Fans have taken to the comments of the post on Reddit to note that there are many planets from pop culture that have taken inspiration from our real-life interplanetary discoveries, and that there may be some other great planets out there in the Settled Systems.

"I must find the planet from Alien," says one commenter. "Acheron, formerly known as LV-426, was one of three moons orbiting the gas giant Calpamos in the Zeta2 Reticuli system, 39 light years away from Earth."

"Extra bonus for the Eridani system for Trek fans: Eridani I is planet Vulcan," notes another. Someone else concluded, "No way it's a coincidence. They've been working on this game for years and the team is 90% made up of Sci Fi gamer nerds."

It's fascinating to see that we get to explore planets from all over pop culture in the game - albeit with less specific species and structure. Whatever, we'll take it.

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