Stardew Valley Dev Reveals Community Centre Tip You May Have Missed

Stardew Valley Dev Reveals Community Centre Tip You May Have Missed
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21st Jul 2021 12:32

Stardew Valley is almost the ultimate indie game success. Developer ConcernedApe (who is actually just one man, Eric Barone) created the game as a fan-game for the Harvest Moon series before it became its own being, publicising the game using Steam’s Greenlight system to garner an audience.

Now, after its launch in 2016, it’s sold over a million copies and is still under constant development to make it the perfect farming simulator experience, still helmed alone by Barone.

And apparently, there’s still plenty in the game that fans have missed, as Barone has shared a tip for the game’s community centre that many fans had missed.

ConcernedApe Shares Hidden Tip For Stardew Valley’s Community Centre

Stardew Valley Dev Shares Secret Feature
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In a nonchalant tweet on the ConcernedApe account, Barone brought to light a time-saving hint when it comes to filling up the community centre with items. He reveals that when hovering over an item in your inventory, the icon on the right-hand side of the box that indicates the community centre will pulsate. This is to indicate that the item you’re hovering over is yet to be given to the junimos in the centre, and is probably best left in their little hands.

This is a feature that many fans had missed, and it’s one that’s bound to save a lot of time of walking back and forth from players’ farms all the way to the community centre in the town.

Why Do You Need To Complete The Community Centre In Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Dev Shares Secret Feature
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The community centre is practically at the - ahem - centre of Stardew Valley’s story, offering you the chance to restore the town’s cultural hub by bringing offerings to the magical junimos who have made their home there. Of course, you could sell the building to the scheming uber-capitalists at the JojaMart, but it would be much to the dismay of the residents of the town and seal its fate as another town dominated by consumerism. Ick.

The community centre requires packages to be fulfilled as gifts for the Junimos, who will, in turn, restore the dilapidated building to its former glory.

If you want to truly unite Pelican Town, the community centre is the best way to do it - and now that this hidden feature has been revealed, chances are you’ll be able to get it done even quicker.


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