New Shovel Knight Game Is A Zelda And Castlevania Hybrid

New Shovel Knight Game Is A Zelda And Castlevania Hybrid
Images: Yacht Club Games

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Joseph Kime


2nd Feb 2022 16:41

Shovel Knight was a breath of fresh air for indie titles in the 2D platformer world. Not only did it revolutionise with new ideas and infectious gameplay, but players latched onto it - meaning the incredible successes of the game translated into successes for the entire genre. 

Shovel Knight has helped the 2D platformer immeasurably, and others owe it a debt of gratitude. Yacht Club Games has never diverted from supporting and updating Shovel Knight to make sure it's the very best it can be - but now, the team is venturing to make an entirely new experience that's seeming influenced by some major players.

What Is Yacht Club's New Game?

Shovel Knight's team has revealed its very first project away from the iconic Knight, so say hello to Mina The Hollower. This new title is reportedly inspired by Zelda favourite Link's Awakening and Konami's long-dormant Castlevania franchise.

The 8-bit, top-down, title is taking lessons from Yacht Club's last venture, and taking to Kickstarter to bag its funding and make it a reality. Though, something tells us it won't have any trouble getting made thanks to the studio's reputation for turning out amazing throwback titles.

Designer Alec Faulkner has revealed exactly why the game is doing so - "Though we're financing a majority of this project ourselves, we hope we can create a more expansive game this way. More importantly, we want to build a community around Kickstarter, much like we did with Shovel Knight."

How Much Funding Does Mina The Hollower Need?

New Shovel Knight Game Is A Zelda And Castlevania Hybrid
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Mina The Hollower is asking for a whopping £230,401 on Kickstarter, which might seem extortionate. Don't worry though, the project has already crushed its goal with 29 days to go. At the time of writing, the indie title has already accumulated £298,875 in funding. Blimey.

Though the implication of a Kickstarter fundraiser is that a game's future is in trouble, Yacht Club Games have proven that we had no reason to doubt its capabilities. Though this isn't a Shovel Knight sequel as many fans wanted, Mina The Hollower looks like a fantastic and fun homage to the dungeon-crawlers of old. Bring it on.


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