Terraria Is The First Steam Game To Remain Overwhelmingly Positive With One Million Reviews

Terraria Is The First Steam Game To Remain Overwhelmingly Positive With One Million Reviews
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Tarran Stockton


30th Aug 2022 10:35

Terraria has become the first game on Steam to gain over one million reviews and keep its Overwhelmingly Positive status.

Since its release onto Steam over ten years ago, Terraria has been a huge success and is routinely one of the most played games on the platform. It came out during the time Minecraft was entering the mainstream, and its similar gameplay struck a chord with legions of gamers, which has kept it relevant all these years later. The developers of Terraria can now celebrate a massive milestone though, as it's just reached over one million Steam reviews, with 97% of them being positive. 

Terraria Keeps Overwhelmingly Positive Status With One Million Steam Reviews 

The news of Terraria reaching over one million reviews on Steam was broken on Twitter by demizegg, who is a Terraria content creator on YouTube. They posted a screenshot of the SteamDB website's top rates games list, where Terraria is currently at the top. In the picture, the game has 976 thousand positive reviews and 21 thousand negative reviews, boasting an overall rating of 97%. This makes it the first game to reach one million reviews and keep a rating above 95%. 


For those that don't know how Steam reviews work, everyone who owns a game can review it, giving it either a positive or negative rating. All of those reviews for each game are then collated and Steam calculates the percentage of positive reviews to give it a review status. Overwhelmingly Positive is the highest status a game can earn, and only relative few games can boast a large amount of reviews with over 95% positive. 

What Are The Other Highly Rated Games On Steam?

What Are The Over Highly Rated Games On Steam?
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Steam has a lot of highly rated titles, but the best reviewed title on Steam currently is Portal 2, with 97.71% positive reviews. There are other games with a better proportion of positive to negative reviews, but few can boast the total amount of reviews that Portal 2 has. Titles like Hades, Stardew Valley, and ULTRAKILL are also in the top ten, with the latter game having the best proportion of positive to negative reviews on Steam with nearly 99% positive reviews. 

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