Nintendo Reveals Its Best Selling Indie Games Of 2021

Nintendo Reveals Its Best Selling Indie Games Of 2021
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Joseph Kime


31st Dec 2021 11:50

Indie games have had a pretty amazing year. It came with the release of some long-awaited titles, some pretty big announcements, and some new surprises that have made the indie space an exciting one to be a part of.

Xbox Game Pass had a big part in bringing new indie classics to consumers, offering players games like Unpacked and SkateBIRD completely free with a subscription. But, it hasn't been enough to make the console synonymous with the indie world - that honour goes to Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch is an indie fan's dream, bringing a wealth of genres and developers to the eshop, giving players the chance to take the work of up-and-coming developers on the go as well as in front of the telly.

And now, Nintendo has revealed its best selling indie titles of the year - and some of the results may surprise you.

Nintendo Reveals Best Selling Indie Games Of 2021

Nintendo has revealed the best selling indie titles on the Switch this year, and it looks like Nintendo fans have had a pretty great year. The games have been revealed as part of a new Indie World promo video, celebrating the games played most by indie fans in 2021. Some of the games are generally pretty unknown, and some are absolute gems, so it's nice to see some great games receive some love from players.

The video lists a series of games with clips, with Metroidvania titles like Cyber Shadow and Axiom Verge 2, as well as the cuter titles like Unpacking and Littlewood.

Some indie classics appear in new form here, too - Doki Doki Literature Club has made a big return this year with its new Plus! edition, bringing back the twisty, turny dating sim in marvellous fashion. Subnautica is here too as a part of its double-pack with its sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero.

The list also includes Eastward, an RPG that we adored and knighted one of our indie games of the year, so it's brilliant to see the game get some of the credit it very much deserves.

What Is The Best Selling Indie Game Of 2021?

The video doesn't offer much in the way of official numbers, or even a numbered list, so there's no real way of knowing which of these games sold the very best - but we've got a hunch.

It's likely that due to its huge resurgence on Twitch and massive cult fanbase that Spelunky 2 was among the best selling indies of the year, and with its appearance in the video, we know at least that it's among the frontrunners.

Even without knowing the final result, indie games have had an incredible year, and with titles like Sifu and Stray coming in 2022, there's every chance the coming year could be even better. Fingers crossed, eh?


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