You Can Now Play Squid Game In Rocket League Custom Mode

You Can Now Play Squid Game In Rocket League Custom Mode
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Jack Marsh


22nd Oct 2021 15:49

Red light, stop. Green Light, Octane go brrrrr. A common theme both in driving and the new internet craze: Squid Game.

Now, traffic lights and a deadly sniper-action game of death has combined, thanks to former esports professional and esteemed content creator, Treyven "Lethamyr" Robitaille.

The Canadian streamer has continued his expertise in custom map creation to invent a fully functioning Rocket League Squid Game.

Lethamyr, known for his professional career at Ghost Gaming, before moving to full-time content creation for SpaceStation Gaming, is prolific for making custom maps in Rocket League, boasting collaboration projects such as Fall Guys, Flappy Bird, Among Us, and a hide-and-seek Zelda Clock Town variation.

Now, his most ambitious crossover yet is complete, as he invited a range of content creators to play in the custom Squid Game map.

Lethamyr's map features a brightly lit canopy with an overlooking chandelier, just as we see within the Netflix Originals series in the fifth game. The map will feature the two-laned trial where Squid Game players have to manoeuvre across tempered glass panels without falling through - those that crash through a broken plate will meet an untimely end and be incinerated in the underground ovens.

Although it's likely Lethamyr doesn't have an Octane chop-shop waiting underneath the map for the cars that meet a steep drop, the core gameplay will be replicable of the actual task at hand.

Rocket League's Squid Game crossover is one of many titles that have adopted the Korean battle royale. Grand Theft Auto's Role Play NoPixel mod has given players a chance to weave through Red Light, Green Light, or meet the wrath of a sniper, as a range of games look to spice life up with the newest trend.

Lethamyr is set to release a video on his Rocket League Squid Game crossover shortly, depicting the gameplay and how it was built.


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