Even GTA V Isn't Safe From The Squid Game Phenomenon

Even GTA V Isn't Safe From The Squid Game Phenomenon
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Tom Chapman


12th Oct 2021 15:06

We might be used to traffic lights in Grand Theft Auto, but now, players are shouting "Red light, Green light", as Squid Game invades Los Santos. While GTA is a cultural phenomenon in its own right that has transcended the medium of video games, it's in danger of being toppled in popularity be Squid Game.

Netflix's South Korean survival drama might be like a rip-off Hunger Games - which itself ripped off Japan's Battle Royale - but with the streaming giant behind it, Squid Game is everywhere right now. It was only a matter of time before modders got hold of its potential, and safe to say, Squid Game has wrapped its tentacles around GTA V

What is Squid Game doing in GTA?

As first shared by GamesRadar, the GTA V servers are currently awash with all things Squid Game. So put on your tracksuits and get ready for a round of Dalgona Candy. The site explains that the FiveM open-source community modification has become a playground for Squid Game fanatics on PC. 

Squid Game's most iconic scenes are being recreated in the role-playing elements of GTA V, and it's much more than just Red Light, Green Light. YouTuber Vadact has been showing off the great lengths fans of the show have gone to in adding it to GTA.

From recreating the sleeping quarters maze to the glass stepping stones, you can barely move for Squid Game modding right now. When you're sick of raiding banks and kicking sex workers, why not indulge in a little Squid Game

Where else is Squid Game?

If you feel like you've missed the Squid Game bus or have simply had enough of the memes, tough tatas. For now, there seems to be now slowing down for our love of Squid Game ahead of an inevitable Season 2. Expect the gaming sphere to keep milking it for all it's worth.

Only recently, we covered how Squid Game-style title is already in the works, while TikTok star Bryce Hall even recreated it in real life. Finally, the runaway success of Netflix's unwilling hit means Fall Guys could add some Squid Game content. 

In an interview with TechradarFall Guys Lead Game Designer Joe Walsh explained, "Oh, yeah, there's definitely a lot One of the ones that's come up recently, again, is Squid Game [which] is now the biggest TV show in the world. And it opens with Red Light Green Light, which is something that we dabbled with. And we never actually got to prototyping it, because we couldn't quite see how it works."

Basically, Squid Game is everywhere right now. At this rate, we're not even sure the hype will have died down by the time GTA 6 eventually comes out. 


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