Scratch that, you can pet the dog in Tears of the Kingdom

Scratch that, you can pet the dog in Tears of the Kingdom
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Jack Marsh


22nd May 2023 15:50

Hold on, don't submit that refund form just yet. Don't divert your attention to other game franchises, and don't rule on Tears of the Kingdom as an anti-floof series. Not just yet.

Although The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom might be one of the best-performing games of this year, there remained one real debate that needed sorting out before the final verdict could be given: could you pet the dog?

The original answer was no, you can't pet the dog in Tears of the Kingdom, but just like everything that Link does, when there is a will, there is a way. Thanks to some clever trickery, you can now pet the dog in Tears of the Kingdom

It turns out that you can pet the dog in Tears of the Kingdom

Hearts across the globe were shattered when it turned out that Link watched the fluffiest boy/girl to have ever wandered Hyrule rolling around on the floor, begging for belly tickles before chasing their own tail just to find any form of entertainment amid the neglect.

But now, Tears of the Kingdom faithful are starting to get their act together and have found a few creative ways of petting the dog.

Taking to Twitter, one Tears of the Kingdom fan has found that pulling out a spicy pepper opens Link's hand to a nice flat surface, and with a classic analogue wiggle, you can stroke the woofer.

It's a creative way to pet the dog, although not one we would've typically thought of.

You can build dog petting machines in Tears if the Kingdom

Even if you're a cold-hearted soul, petting the dogs is a must need. However, if you're too lazy to be a good person, you can make a machine do it for you thanks to Tears of the Kingdom's impressive arsenal of creative builds. Well, it beats torturing Koroks

In a quest to pet the dog, a fan called "Noah_A" went as far as building a contraption with a rotating flat surface and then commanded their furry companion to stand underneath its 'hand' to feel the warmth of a bit of love.

Of course, there is still a lack of an actual input line for a dog stroke, but at least you can give your best friend the attention they deserve, even if Nintendo forbid it.

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