He's channelled his inner Dr Disrespect

10:06, 30 Jul 2020

Twitch isn't the kind of company you want to mess around with, and now, the streaming giant has booted one of its best-known streamers from the platform. Still, Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev seems to be taking it in his stride as has a message for those at the top.

Both Kostyliev and Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko are huge in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and both are now on their third Twitch ban. With many holding s1mple in high regard as possible the best CS: GO player, his ban is a pretty big deal. Also, with s1mple and Zeus on three strikes, it's possible their bans could be extended for quite a while. 

Taking the whole situation in his stride, s1mple took to Twitter to openly mock Twitch and admitted that even he was confused at why he was banned this time. In his tweet, s1mple took a leaf out of Dr Disrespect's book and emulated the now-famous message from June 28.



Just like Netflix and revealing its viewing figures, Twitch has remained tight-lipped about why it seems to be banning some of its biggest streamers. It's no secret that there's been some major controversies from within the ranks of Twitch itself, with fans asking for more transparency in general.

S1mple's nod toward other streams and giveaways they can "easily" win is also likely to hit a nerve with Twitch following phishing scams. There's a growing problem of fake accounts using the likeness of popular streamers like s1mple to lure unsuspecting viewers in and amassing thousands of views before they're exposed.

While s1mple was previously banned back in August 2019 for making a "homophobic slur" toward Na’Vi teammate Boombl4, it seems that even he doesn't know what he's done wrong this time. Zeus was kicked from Twitch for the same reason in April, but hasn't been as vocal as s1mple this time around. 

S1mple and Zeus recieved seven-day bans last time, but with this being a third offence, the suspension period is expected to be much longer. For now, Twitch will be a little quieter without the CS: GO goliaths. 

Images via s1mple Twitter

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