After leaks suggested Titans were coming to Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has set the record straight.

10:52, 05 Apr 2021

The looming threat of Titans entering Apex Legends seems to becoming more real by the minute. With the developers, Respawn Entertainment, set to combine their two love children add a new technological dynamic to the battle royale, fans have begun to grow sceptical at whether the Titanfall Titans will land, especially fearing that their overwhelming size and power may ruin the spectacle.

With leaks suggesting that Kuben Blisk is heading to the arena - Titanfall's main protagonist and creator of the Apex Games - the pending Titans seemed to be just around the corner.

Respawn Entertainment Game Director, Chad Grenier, took to a stream hosted by BGGC, to say “you’re going to see a ton of Titanfall coming into [Apex] in one way or another. If you’re a Titanfall fan, hang on for Season 9.”

However, with many people taking this as Titans becoming involved, Grenier then took to Twitter to correct any false conclusions. Ruling out Titans, Grenier said, "We don’t have any plans to put Titans into Apex, at least in our current roadmap."

No details of which Titanfall elements are coming to Apex were revealed, although there are already many instances already integrated. Many of the weapons and abilities stem from Titanfall's background, such as the popular Assault Rifle R301, meaning the content may be more subtle than sending in a 10-foot tall robot of mass destruction.


Grenier also stated on Twitter: "They are part of the universe, but you’re right that they completely change the dynamic of the game. Maybe someday in another mode but nothing planned", meaning we may see a Titan in the far future, but not for several seasons.


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Image via Respawn Entertainment

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