Red Dead Player Goes Viral For Killing KKK Racists

Red Dead Player Goes Viral For Killing KKK Racists
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Tom Chapman


6th Aug 2021 12:09

The Old West can be a brutal and lawless place where anything goes, and while the wild world of Rockstar Games' Red Dead Online captures the spirit of the era, there are some things that just don't fly. Now, there's some rough justice on the plains of Cowboys and Indians, as one player takes the law into their own hands by killing KKK racists in Red Dead Online

Managing a community of any size can be a nightmare, but when you've got a massive online multiplayer like Red Dead Online, there's only so much moderators can do. Still, we're shocked that a group could be wandering out there dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes - seemingly under the nose of Rockstar.

Who is killing racists inside Red Dead Online?

A TikTok user going only by the name of “Yuhboi” is taking a leaf out of Django Unchained's book and hunting down the KKK from Annesburg to Tumbleweed. The original clip has been liked over 900k times and features Yuhboi getting the drop on rival players dressed in what looks like KKK robes.

Previously, Rockstar had to pull a popular cheating mod that let RDO players spawn the KKK in the game. There are rare cases of trolls abusing the system to try and promote racism within, but they're usually few and far between.

There's a whole series of Yuhboi's videos, that normally involve players using character customisation to give themselves pointy hats and white clothes to mimic the KKK. It's much of the same as Yuhboi sneaks up on a single KKK member or a whole group, who've usually captured a black NPC. With increasingly imaginative ways of dispatch, the videos have gone viral. However, is there more to the story?

Are the Red Dead Online racists real?

It might sound like this Batman-esque vigilante is doing great work in cleaning up RDO, but not everyone is convinced. Notably, it's convenient how often Yuhboi comes across these clan members. Anyone who plays RDO might find some weird things during their average play, however, someone dressed in KKK robes is sure to stick out - let alone a whole group of them.

In "Hunting Racist Players in Red Dead Online Part 16", one sceptic wrote, "Don't get me wrong, I love the message but I'm starting to feel like these are staged". Another added, "This is street BS you can't just find people in red dead like that."

At the time of writing, we're yet to experience a KKK encounter, but Yuhboi has 16 of these videos. Not to take away from the message of gunning down racists inside Red Dead Online, but there's a chance the whole thing is a viral stunt. Still, if it deters people from dressing as the KKK in RDO, does it really matter? 

Those who've played the main campaign of Red Dead Redemption 2 will know that although White Supremacists feature briefly in Arthur Morgan's story, it's only a tiny part of his arc. The moral of the story still stands, it's not okay to mod your characters and dress as the KKK inside any video game. Thanks for reading, that's our TED talk over for today.


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