Rainbow Six: Siege Devs Confirm Pulse Is Bisexual

Rainbow Six: Siege Devs Confirm Pulse Is Bisexual

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Jack Marsh


8th Feb 2022 17:35

Character lore in Rainbow Six: Siege is one area of the title that loyal fans of the franchise wish was delved into more, with many of the game's sketchy operators having vast expertise in certain areas of combat that could stem from their storied pasts.

The likes of Caveira - the silent assassin - is known to be a unique undercover Militar, born into a family of seven where years of slipping past Brazillian gun gangs taught her to fend for herself. However, when it comes to why she's in the Rainbow Six storyline, there remains little information, and nobody knows whether the Siege operators are all out for blood or are actually one big family.

One of the more trivial characters is Pulse - a long-standing operator whose obsession with the heart now appears to be much more deep-rooted than using it as a weapon.


Despite being one of the more guarded operators who appears to be a stone-cold killer with a necessity for precision, behind the fronted guard and his blacked-out shades, Pulse is actually the game's biggest flirt, according to the developers.

Equipped with a heartbeat sensor, Pulse's canon has now been confirmed to have affection for all hearts, as Tom Clancy Narrative Specialist, Lauren Stone, has revealed that "Pulse is bi". 

Taking to social media, the developer said, "he is biracial and bisexual and flirts with you when he heals you. How do I know? I wrote him. He was the first character I wrote in the game."

Pulse comes as the first confirmed bisexual operator in Rainbow Six: Siege, a title which has also added a gay character named Flores and a transexual protagonist named Osa.


Which other game characters are LGBTQ+?

Pulse, Osa, and Flores aren't the only LGBTQ+ game characters, with representation for all sexualities being much more prevalent in recent years. 

Apex Legends' lineup has one of the more representative casts in gaming, coming a long way from the 1988 duo of Tracker McDyke and Tessy LaFemme in Caper in the Castro. Respawn Entertainment revealed that both Seer and Fuse are pansexual, joining the non-binary Bloodhound, gay Gibraltar, lesbian Valkyrie, and bisexual Loba. 

Whilst Apex might be the most representative title released to date, some huge protagonists could also become a part of the LGBTQ+ family, including God of War's Atreus. Hogwarts Legacy has also answered back to critics of JK Rowling's divisive comments by allowing their upcoming magical hero/heroine to be transgender

Even when most games are still wedded to the patriarchy, gamers have taken to the modding to tackle homophobia - including in Bethesda's Skyrim, where one player made every character gay including the likes of Paarthanaux and the Greybeards.

The three operators in Rainbow Six: Siege might only add up to 5% of the characters available, it continues to be a step in the right direction, especially with Pulse being one of the most used characters since the game was released.

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