Rainbow Six: Extraction Is Coming To Game Pass On Day One

Rainbow Six: Extraction Is Coming To Game Pass On Day One
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5th Jan 2022 17:13

In a surprise announcement, it's been revealed that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction is coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one.

The alien-themed sequel to Siege was one that players worried about, concerned that the game wouldn't have a lively player base to keep it functioning.

This news has given those very players hope, while others have a great reason to give the entry a go when they otherwise wouldn't have.

What's Going On With Rainbow Six: Extraction?

Xbox Game Pass has now put out a characteristically goofy tweet confirming that Extraction is making its way to the pass on launch day, detailing exactly how the game works - albeit, in a pretty simplistic way.

The news was first revealed in a blog post on the Xbox website, and it follows another huge reveal for Game Pass that announced the arrival of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Fans have been curious as to how Extraction would look post-launch after its initial excitement died down, as with 3-player co-op titles like this, they need continuous support. But, now that Game Pass is taking over and letting subscribers play for free, there's much more of a chance that the game will last longer, and it'll give players a chance to try the game without having to fork over the £45 asking price.

Rainbow Six: Siege Is Also Coming To Game Pass

That's not all, though - Rainbow Six: Siege is also coming to Game Pass on the same day, so if you've seen enough Twitch streams and want to give the co-op game a go, you'll finally have your chance on Xbox and PC.

Both games will launch on Game Pass on January 20, so we don't have long to prepare for their arrival.

Game Pass has already had a very exciting 2022, and we're only five days in. It's clear now that Xbox aren't messing around, and they're pulling out the big guns to keep players from deferring to other consoles, namely the PS5. We're certainly not complaining if it means we're getting reveals this big.

This is great news for Ubisoft and Siege fans alike, and we can't wait to jump into action with Game Pass. Your move, Sony!



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