Ubisoft Adds KiXSTaR Memorial In Rainbow Six: Siege Map

Ubisoft Adds KiXSTaR Memorial In Rainbow Six: Siege Map
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Jack Marsh


3rd Feb 2022 17:38

Following the tragic passing of legendary Rainbow Six: Siege ex-esports professional and caster Michael "KiXSTAr" Stockley, Ubisoft has now added an in-game memorial to honour his legacy, placed in one of his iconic places in-game.

KiXSTAr sadly passed away in a car accident in October 2021, shocking the entire competitive Rainbow Six community, and after an outpour of emotional tributes from friends, fans, and teammates, Ubisoft has now added a tribute to immortalise him within their FPS title.

Ubisoft add Rainbow Six: Seige Kixstar tribute

Taking to social media, Wei Yue, the Director of Ubisoft Esports, showcased that a silver plaque had been added where KiXSTAr's name had been engraved into it alongside the R6 logo. 

The plaque is placed on the Presidential Plane map in-game, where KiXSTAr himself pulled off one of the most memorable clips in Siege history. 

The location of the plaque not only pays homage to the young man's legacy but serves as a reminder of his famous one versus five clutch. Located at the western entrance to the Cargo Hold, fans will now have a constant reminder of the chaos of his incredible play, where he took just 42 bullets and 10 seconds to wipe the entirety of his enemy team as the lone ranger.

KiXSTAr's In-game Charm To Retire On February 18

The loved caster also had an in-game charm added, which could be earned by subscribing to KiXSTAr's Twitch channel. By linking your Twitch and Ubisoft accounts, fans would be able to represent Stockley in every game. However, the charm is now set to be retired on February 18.

His official Twitch channel is to be placed in Memorial Mode as of February 18, which means that the in-game charm will no longer be able to be rewarded to players who want to honour the caster. 

Fans can still acquire the charm up until February 18, where it will continue to be available to be worn in every match.

Ubisoft's nice touch serves as a touching tribute to a phenomenal talent within the industry, which was further backed by his "Esports Colour Caster of the Year" win at the Esports Awards in 2020. 


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