Rainbow Six Siege to implement skin-trading marketplace in Year 9

Rainbow Six Siege to implement skin-trading marketplace in Year 9

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Lloyd Coombes


12th Nov 2023 19:30

Rainbow Six Siege launched in 2015, but you'd never know it judging by how Ubisoft Montreal has kept rolling out new Operators, features, and quality-of-life improvements to the game over the last 8 years.

While Y8S4, Operation Deep Freeze, will close out the current calendar year of updates, Year 9 will see a sizeable change with the introduction of a new Marketplace where players can buy and sell skins.

You'll be able to sell your skins in Rainbow Six Siege Year 9

The Operator customization screen in Rainbow Six Siege
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While we've seen plenty of support for skin trading in games like Counter-Strike (and carrying through to its sequel), Ubisoft intends to handle things differently for Siege players; rather than spending or earning real money through trading with in-game cosmetics, the transactions will be carried out using Rainbow Six Siege's premium currency, R6 Credits.

At a recent preview for Operation Deep Freeze, the development team revealed that the functionality would arrive in beta for some players with the Y8S4 drop, but is intended to reach more in Year 9.

The Rainbow Six Siege marketplace is intended to be accessible via PC, within a browser, or via a mobile app.

If you've got any rare skins, you may be about to enjoy a windfall of R6 Credits.

Operation Deep Freeze will also introduce a new Operator, Tubarao, and his freezing grenades, along with a whole host of other changes.

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