Update 7.3 is packed with new content. We have everything you need to know before you skydive into the test servers on June 10.

11:35, 10 Jun 2020

Update 7.3 comes off the back of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds' first-ever free-to-play weekend. Update 7.3 focuses on some highly-requested vehicle balance changes, a new throwable item, some quality of life features and of course, brand new skins and emotes. The new patch hits test servers on June 10 and will officially go live a week later on June 17. 

Let’s get into the details.

Vehicle Balance

Update 7.3 brings with it some much-needed vehicle balance changes. For a while now, PUBG players have voiced their frustrations over dying instantly when a vehicle reaches 0 HP. Update 7.3 aims to “add some more realistic survivability to how vehicles take damage.” Players will now have a small grace period to bail out of a vehicle before it explodes. More specifically:

●    Vehicles no longer explode instantly upon reaching 0 HP. Instead, engines are now disabled and set on fire, causing the vehicle to explode after 5 seconds

●    Vehicles can still explode instantly if taking large radial damage, like from Red Zones, C4, etc.

●    Exploding vehicles now receive both linear and angular velocity, instead of only linear (vehicle movement after exploding should look a bit less static now)

●    Additionally, vehicles will no longer receive increased collision damage when they’re rolled over

PUBG Update 7.3

That’s not all. Most vehicles will now have multiple damage zones. The list of updated vehicles includes Buggy, Dacia, UAZ, Mirado, Pickup, Rony and Zima. These vehicles will receive different amounts of damage based on which area of the vehicle is hit. Shots to the Engine will deal 100% damage, the Body will receive 75% damage and the Roof will take only 50% damage. Boats have been granted a static damage reduction.

These changes should bring vehicles back into the meta by offering additional viability.

C4 Goes Boom

PUBG Update 7.3

The PUBG developers have finally introduced the C4 throwable following the success of the Sticky Bomb exclusive to Karakin. The C4 has been in development for quite some time. The new throwable was first leaked back in September of 2018.

The C4 will work similarly to its Sticky Bomb predecessor. The C4 can stick to almost any surface, including vehicles. It has a large blast radius but can’t be thrown very far. The C4 is best used to flush enemies out of hiding or cut off entry into a building or zone. More details on this new throwable item can be found below:

  • C4 will start beeping and automatically detonate 16 seconds after being thrown
    • Detonation cannot be stopped or activated early
    • There is a warning LED on the C4 and audible beeping with increasing intensity, clearly audible inside the damage radius which warns you of the upcoming explosion
  • Effective damage radius is 25 meters, with a lethal damage radius of 15 meters
    • Damage extends vertically, but with slightly less range (lethal radius of 12.5 meters vertically)
    • The shockwave emitted from the explosion is so powerful it damages all enemies within its radius, even if they’re behind cover
  • Found as world loot and in Care Packages on Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok
    • C4 will be added to Training Mode at a later date

Parachute Follow Feature

PUBG Update 7.3

Success in Battle Royale’s requires team coordination beyond the traditional shooter. Squads need to have everyone on the same page if they want to be the last players standing in a lobby of 100~. PUBG aims to make that goal more obtainable with the new Parachute Follow feature. This feature seeks to help fill squads coordinate more easily by allowing the entire team to land together.

Starting in the pre-game lobby, players can select a member of their squad to follow. Players will be able to follow and unfollow teammates with ease from loading up to dropping in. 

Esports Tab

PUBG Update 7.3

PUBG is bringing the esports scene to the forefront. Just a couple weeks ago, they added a Ranked Mode inspired by the pro ruleset. Now, there will be a dedicated esports tab.

This new menu will include an overview, standings and access to the Pick’Em challenge. The tab will focus on the PUBG Continental Series (PCS) and all things PUBG Esports.

Vikendi Overhaul

PUBG Update 7.3

Vikendi has become one of PUBG’s most popular maps with its unique train system. Update 7.3 hopes to further enhance that train system by making it an even more integral feature of the map.

The train system has received a new line, more stops and visual and audio improvements to better indicate when a train is arriving or stopping. The goal with these changes is to better connect the whole train system, make it easier to traverse the map and further incentivize using trains.

Along with the changes to the train system, Vikendi has been granted additional cover in the regions where it lacked and artificial geysers have been added to Dinoland.

New Cosmetics

PUBG Update 7.3

Update 7.3 features all kinds of brand new cosmetic items. Bikinis and short-shorts imbue a Summer theme and serve as an equalizer to the more serious esports themed gear. The complete list of cosmetic items coming in Update 7.3 can be found below:

●    Swimsuits #1
○    CHECKERED SUMMER SET (Including Victory dance 20 emote)
○    Summer Bikini (Black)

●    Swimsuits #2

●    PCS1 2020
○    Weapon Skin – 3 Items
○    Emote – 1 Item

●    Emotes
○    Use Your Brain
○    Rev It Up
○    Victory Dance 17
○    Victory Dance 18

●    Sales Period
○    Swimsuits #1 : 7/1 – 8/26
○    Swimsuits #2 : 7/15 – 8/26
○    Esports PCS#1 : 6/17 – 7/2
○    Emotes – 4 items : 20/6/24

PUBG Update 7.3

The entire Update 7.3 blog post featuring performance and bug fixes can be viewed here. Stay tuned here @GGRecon for PUBG news, guides, features and more.


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