A new faction and map will become available in Season 10 of PUBG.

15:04, 09 Dec 2020

Out with the old and in with the new. PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has ditched the Season 9 map Paramo and will be unboxing a brand new battleground this Christmas. Coming on December 16 on PC, and the following day on consoles, PUBG will be plunging players into a run-down urban landscape called "Haven".

The brand new setting will be the smallest battle royale that the game has ever seen, with just 32 players dropping in. The dense area is littered with multi-story buildings and exuberant designs which will dictate the speed and nature of gunfights. As players look to make quick work of the reduced teams, a new enemy will also be on the map, with "The Pillar" faction defending high tier loot.

The Pillar comes in as an AI enemy that will defend areas akin to the Loot Truck from Season 8. Generating a high-risk, high reward area with much-needed resources available, the bots will make for unpleasant distractions as teams will look to capitalise on the advantageous strongholds that work as an epicentre of action and loot. Oh, and they have an attack helicopter with a beaming flashlight and the small matter of a deadly tank that roams the streets. No biggie.

Alongside The Pillar and Haven, PUBG Season 10 will also include Emergency Parachutes, and a jam-packed Survivor Pass: Breakthrough.

The parachute will be an in-game bootable object that can give players a quick getaway or an efficient mode of transportation.


As for Breakthrough, the pass will last for three months and will offer over 100 rewards. 

First glimpses can be seen on the PC Test Server which contains a preview of the 10.1 patch.



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Image is PUBG Studios

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