PUBG Unveils New 8x8 Map Which Enables Respawns For The First Time

PUBG Unveils New 8x8 Map Which Enables Respawns For The First Time

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Jack Marsh


26th May 2021 16:01

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) prides itself on realistic gameplay where players have to build up their arsenal before launching tactical assaults on opponents. Differing from the more helter-skelter and chaotic styles seen in other battle royales, PUBG's toned down bare-bones approach has resonated with a huge fan base, and their content is about to ramp up.

As part of the 12.1 Patch Notes, PUBG Corporation has unveiled a brand new 8x8 map: Tiger.

Coming in as the first 8x8map released in 3 years, following Miramar's addition in 2018, Tiger will be coming to PUBG in the near future.

PUBG Tiger Map

The developer's pulled the curtain down on Tiger in their latest Dev Plan, with the new map seemingly coming with a little splash of colour in its early concept pictures. With an assortment of different autumnal palettes, the rustic landscape, and a range of dirt tracks surrounding more built-up rural areas, Tiger looks to combine the key aspects of a PUBG map and sprinkle a little more aesthetics on top. 

However, the main aspect of Tiger is the ability to respawn teammates! 

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Respawning fallen soldiers has yet to be added to PUBG, although it is adapted in almost every other BR to avoid players growing weary once killed.

With the addition of respawns on Tiger, players will be able to have second, third, or even fourth chances if members of their team can stay alive.

PUBG's Next 8x8 Map: Kiki

Kiki, do you love me? Are we... oh wait, we're getting sidetracked. Coming up next is Kiki, another 8x8 map that will land in "late 2021/early 2022" as the fourth of its kind. 

The developers have described Kiki as boasting "a diverse set of locations, from mysterious underground labs to massive skyscrapers to swampland to subways to underwater buildings" as they look to introduce more landscapes to the realism BR.

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When Is Tiger Coming To PUBG?

Leaker PlayerIGN Tweeted: "Leak: #PUBG’s 8x8 Korean map “Tiger” (the one with respawn mechanic) to hit next month with new Survivor Pass, assuming things go smoothly." Which would mean a June release. 

However, the construction of Kiki is still in its early stages according to the devs, although they have admitted more details will follow later in the year.


Images via PUBG Corporation

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