PUBG Mobile Makes Over £5,000,000 Per Day

PUBG Mobile Makes Over £5,000,000 Per Day

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Jack Marsh


29th Mar 2021 13:46

The underestimation of mobile esports in western gaming culture has been dealt a big fat crack on the chops, as figures have been released that show PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile raked in an average of £5million per day, and has now grossed over £3.5billion in its lifetime.

According to data published by Store Intelligence, throughout 2020, PUBG Mobile generated an average of £5.35million ($7.1million) every day. 

The app, which is most popular throughout countries like Japan and India, is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and Europe too, with many taking to the game to purchase character customisations and other microtransactions. The title "Game for Peace" also falls under the same category for PUBG Corporation and developers Tencent, with the game being a gore-less and less violent version of the same game that was released in China to abide by their content restrictions. Together, PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace has now amassed £3.5billion in revenue, including just over half of this in 2020 alone. 

All this and the game is totally free to play.

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After being released in 2018 and making its way to various different app stores and countries, PUBG has quickly become the most popular FPS game on the mobile market. Rivalled only by Call of Duty: Mobile after running fellow battle royale competitor, Fortnite, off the charts, PUBG Mobile has collected a huge audience of over one billion players. 

Most recently, PUBG has made waves in the market by branching to Korea, with the 1.2 patch being rolled out in January of this year.

Maybe it is about time to accept that mobile esports has a future alongside the main stage, with PUBG at the forefront. 


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Image via PUBG Corporation

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