It's an unprecedented number of bans.

12:41, 31 Aug 2020

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has made a landmark move and banned 2.2. million players from the popular battle royale title. Tencent is taking no prisoner after it banned 2.2. million accounts and 1.4 million devices for using hacks.

With PUBG Mobile taking all the fun of PUBG Corp's title on the move for this pint-sized version, there have been problems with cheaters from the very start. 

Players have asked for cheaters to be given the boot, and with Tencent hoping to help the majority, it's kicked a record number of cheaters in one fell swoop. Posting in a tweet, Tencent confirmed that it banned 273,152 accounts between August 20 and 27.


The majority of those banned were done because they used the well-known X-ray hack, this was then (unsurprisingly) followed by auto-aim. Still, cheating is rife within PUBG Mobile. Despite the wave of bans, one player wrote, "I am currently in the game and again encountered the cheat. you haven't cleaned or banned any of them. If you cannot ban this account I shared, I will delete the game. It is enough!!". 

Cheating is a problem in most games, however, it's become more prevalent in PUBG recently. The PUBG Mobile Club Opens (PMCO) of South Asia, India, and Pakistan were a certified disaster after teams were caught cheating in the live-streamed group stage. Fans rightly kicked off, all three PMCOs were then postponed, and several teams were banned. 


Tencent's move comes after Activision has finally started to make its own stand against Call of Duty cheaters. The publisher is reportedly suing popular cheat site - which has issued an apology to anyone that's been affected. 


The latest moves are part of PUBG Mobile's promise to introduce new "anti-cheating measures". PUBG Mobile 1.0 is being heralded as a new era for the game. When it drops on September 8, it will also introduce Erangel 2.0, improved graphics, and a new user interface. 


PUBG Mobile's mass banning should serve as a warning to those who want to continue trying to cheat in the title. We'd hope that it's a lesson learned, but in all honesty, we doubt it's going to put cheaters off. 

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