PUBG Mobile Adds Godzilla Vs Kong In Latest Update

PUBG Mobile Adds Godzilla Vs Kong In Latest Update

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Mel Ramsay


11th May 2021 13:41

PUBG Mobile has added Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, and Kong in the latest update. The characters bring Titan Crystals, destroy Apex Cybernetics and Monster Settlements, and drop enhancement items in the Erangel, Sanhok and Livk maps.

Can You Fight Godzilla And Kong In PUBG Mobile?

Although the monsters (or 'Titans', as they're being dubbed) are huge additions to the game, they remain passive for the most part. However, having too many players around can make them angry and hostile. PUBG says: "While extremely dangerous, Titans also passively absorb energy and release it in the form of Titan Crystals. These crystals provide different special effects, such as a special throwable knockback and burn item, or a buff that enhances a player's abilities."

Two new elements, Apex Cybernetics and Monster Settlements, have also been added to the game. The Titans will attempt to destroy these. Apex Cybernetics contain 'beneficial supplies that can be looted once destroyed by a Titan'. The latter, Monster Settlements, also contains beneficial loot - but players will have to defeat hostile monsters in order to acquire it.

Where Can You Find Godzilla And Kong In PUBG Mobile?

The Titans can be found across the Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik maps. Players can select the Titan Strikes mode at the beginning of each match. As the battle begins, the monsters move randomly across the map. 

When Will The Titans Be Added To PUBG Mobile?

The first Titan, Godzilla will be released in PUBG MOBILE today (May 11th) in Erangel, with Kong entering Sanhok on May 15th and Mechagodzilla in Livik on May 20th. There will also be a 'unique event' that will happen during the final stages of the Titan Invasion.

What Else Is New In PUBG Mobile?

The latest update also adds new arena map called Hangar. This supports three modes: Team Deathmatch, Arena Training, and Team Gun Game (from June 1st).

PUBG describes the map as: "Set in the hangar of a giant, unknown ship far out in the open ocean, this map provides tight corners and plenty of cover in which quick reactions and accuracy will be rewarded. Hangar is sure to provide exciting, pulse-racing tension for those who enjoy fast-paced firefights."

On June 9th, some 'strange Labs' will be added to the Erangel map. These include a Quantum Transformation Device, which will transform you into a miniature insect player. When you're miniature, you can only fight other insect players with special weapons. Plus, you can't be killed with normal weapons - except pans. 

There's also a new over the shoulder (OTS) aiming mode. It's customisable, and can be turned on and off in the Basic Settings tab.

Plus, if all this wasn't enough, there's also a brand-new vehicle! The CoupeRB is a two-seater sports car, and one of the fastest vehicles in the game with a top speed of more than 150km/h. The vehicle is available on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik.

Get in there, and get playing! 


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