Unicorns, dragons and more!

14:00, 11 Mar 2020

PUBG (PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds) could be getting a new fantasy Battle Royale mode or limited-time event according to leaker PlayerIGN on Twitter.

As well as a sneak peek of a rumoured new map, PlayerIGN also provided images of new character skins and a unicorn bike skin.

The datamined info from an upcoming update also included “56 Magic Items, 21 Weapon Icons, Unicorns, [and] Metal Armoured Eagles” with new animations for melee combat coming tomorrow, according to the leaker.

PlayerIGN also posted a video on YouTube, featuring new sound effects for magical items, changes to the HUD, and more.

Check it out below;

More updates are sure to be revealed, so get ready to jump into a new magical PUBG in the not too distant future.

Winner Winner, Dragon Dinner!

Images via PlayerIGN

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