PUBG Horror Game Set For Release In 2022

PUBG Horror Game Set For Release In 2022

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Jack Marsh


19th Jan 2021 14:24

The parameters of the battlegrounds are expanding in 2021, with PUBG Studios working hard behind the scenes on moving the battle-royale forward.

In an environment where BRs are dominating online gaming, PUBG has been propelling on the mobile platform whilst having a steep decline in their success on consoles. However, reports suggest that the developers are planning on diversifying their palette by introducing a new game from the PUBG universe out by the end of 2022.

According to Krafton CEO Chang-Han, “another PUBG-related PC and console game" will be coming, as he told Bloomberg that they intend it to be ready for release "by next year”.

The game will differ from the recently rumoured PUBG 2, which was heavily reported to be coming out across all platforms and set to be announced as of January 24. Instead, it will dive into the lore of PUBG, potentially straying from their original genre and opting for an RPG.

Kim added that he also intends on releasing a PUBG "survival horror" game by the end of next year too, which intends on depicting the universe three hundred years into the future.

Rumours Hint At New Game, Based In The PUBG Universe
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It comes as the developers seem insistent on expanding past the borders of battle royales. Kim added in his interview that "we will not stay as a one-hit-wonder".

Krafton has been openly involved in the making of PUBG since their "Krafton Bag Mobile 2" ruse was revealed to be the development of the second PUBG app. With the esports scene rapidly rising on mobile, especially with their $14 million prize pool across the calendar year being revealed earlier this month. Their role in developing this will be heavily influential, before edging their eyes to the wider PUBG universe.


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Image via PUBG Studios

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