$2.4 million are up for grabs during the summer in online competitions.

12:35, 19 Apr 2020

When the coronavirus outbreak had just begun and wasn’t as widespread as its today, companies and organizations started to respond to this growing concern by postponing or cancelling any events. PUBG Corporation was amongst one of the first companies to endorse this narrative and postpone its first chapter which was to be held in Berlin.

The condition of the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened since then and worldwide has ensued. Eyeing the circumstances PUBG corporation announced that it will be cancelling all of its scheduled PGS events. However, in order to support global esports in this trying time, it has decided to host PUBG Continental Series online competition.

These events will be held May, June and August; according to the company’s announcement the total prize pool will be $2,400,000 to be split in the following regions:

  1. Asia – which consists of Korea, Japan, China, and Chinese Taipei 

  2. Asia Pacific- which consists of Southeast Asia and Oceania 

  3. Europe 

  4. North America 

In May, a PCS Charity Showdown is being held due to the current challenges caused by the pandemic. Teams from all regions will receive, upon winning the tournament, $100,000 for winning the tournament and an additional $100,000 to be donated to a charity of their choice.

As for the main tournaments that are to be held in June and August, teams who are crowned victors can earn $200,000 with the total of $800,000 for all the regions combined. 

Teams who had already qualified for PGS Berlin were compensated with $20,000 being given to each of the 21 teams. Another $20,000 will be given to the top five teams playing PCL in China; last but not least, the top teams who made it to the finals of qualifiers in America will have $120,000 divided amongst them as compensation.

All the teams that managed to qualify for PGS Berlin and will, therefore, receive compensation. Via PUBG Corporation
All the teams that managed to qualify for PGS Berlin and will, therefore, receive compensation. Via PUBG Corporation

PUBG corporation ended their blog by highlighting that: 

“This year, we have been working to enhance our esports programs by providing sustainability for teams, strengthening the fandom, growing the ecosystem with our partners, and improving the competition structure and profit-sharing model. Though we cannot host the PGS events as initially planned, we would like to emphasize that our commitment towards our goals is unwavering. We’re excited to share more about our upcoming events, in addition to future plans, at a later date.”

The PUBG community has been extremely understanding with most of the reaction on PUBG’s twitter post being optimistic, rather praising PUBG corporation for the steps they decided to employ. Here are some of the replies:

2020 PUBG Esports Update: PUBG Continental Series from r/CompetitivePUBG

Images courtesy of PUBG Corp.

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