A new PUBG Arena Mode is being trialled as part of the battle royale game's latest update.

15:59, 16 Sep 2020

There's a welcome change on the horizon for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds as the battle royale favourite is set to introduce a new Arena Mode. There's a lot that's new in the 8.3 update with its release on PC today (September 16), however, the unveiling of PUBG Arena Mode is sure to be the biggest. With Solos, Duos, and Squads making up most of the PUBG playerbase, a new mode is definitely something to shout about.

PUBG Arena Mode will launch on PUBG LABS - which is a sort of testing ground for the developers to iron out any kinks. If you're interest is already piqued, here's what you can expect from PUBG's latest addition.


PUBG Arena Mode Map

Arena Mode is a 64-player match, split into squads. Each team is dropped into a designated area of Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok, and tasked with surviving to the end. You'll face-off against up to two other squads, but if you lose, you'll be docked one of your three lives. The victors advance to the next arena and will be in a stronger position than their competitors. The real kicker is that when three or fewer squads remain, they'll enter Sudden Death and only one winner will be crowned - no matter how many chances everyone has left.

Elsewhere, downed teammates can be revived in just five seconds, meaning squads "should" be able to last longer and make it out of small fights with a better advantage. Alongside the introduction of PUBG Arena Mode, there's a new menu where you can buy weapons using currency you've earned from taking out other players. It's different from the standard weapon loot system PUBG fans have come to know. 

PUBG Arena Mode Gameplay

According to PUBG Corp, Arena Mode will be in LABS on PC for two weeks: 


Week One: September 18 - 21

Week Two: September 25 - 28 


It's also coming to console for a similar two-week rotation: 

Week One: September 25 - 28


Week Two: October 2 - 5

As PUBG faces controversy in India, at least PUBG Corp is remaining committed to rolling out new content and keeping players engaged. Will Arena Mode be a hit? Watch this space...


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Images via PUBG Corp

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