Popular Geralt of Rivia Actor wants his role back in The Witcher Remake

Popular Geralt of Rivia Actor wants his role back in The Witcher Remake
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Jack Marsh


29th Dec 2023 13:24

Geralt of Rivia might be one of Hollywood's most sought-after roles, as the hunky silver-haired battleaxe takes everything popularised by Game of Thrones and throws in some extra smouldering looks as The Witcher continues on crowning its war-torn hero.

Yet with Netflix's The Witcher flopping in its last season with Henry Cavill, it has been left up to Liam Hemsworth to fill the muddy boots of Geralt, although Cavill's laces might be too hard to tie up given his adoration from the series' fans.

But in other forms of The Witcher media, Geralt's portrayal is apparently still up for grabs, and there's a certain actor eyeing up a quick return to the series.

The Witcher Remake might have just found its Geralt of Rivia

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No, it's not Hemsworth looking to ruin the games as well as the series, and no, it's not Cavill, as the latter has already moved on from The Witcher and will be launching himself into new projects on bringing Warhammer 4K to our screens.

Instead, Doug Cockle, the actor who plays Geralt in all three The Witcher games and his adaptations into Soulcalibur VI and Monster Hunter: World, wants the role in the Remake series too.

CD Projekt Red confirmed that an Unreal Engine 5 remake of The Witcher games is already underway under the codename Canis Majoris, and now Cockle has told IGN that he would jump at the opportunity of being Geralt again.

Doug Cockle eyes a Geralt of Rivia reunion in The Witcher Remake

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Speaking to IGN, Cockle said, "I would love to just keep on voicing Geralt until I can no longer voice anymore."

"It's just become such a part of me. I'm thrilled every time CD Projekt calls me up and says, 'Hey, Doug, are you available for such and such?' And my heart does a little flutter and leaps, and I go, 'Yes, of course I am,' because I love it so much."

Cockle also reiterated that The Witcher's next mainline game will not be based on Geralt, and instead could go back in time and focus on a new Witcher from Lynx School, or follow Ciri with her ever-evolving abilities.

As for the Remake, well, Cockle might not have been asked to begin stepping on his sword belt just yet, but he's already marvelling at what CD Projekt is cooking up in UE5. Maybe it's only a matter of time before they come knocking on his door.

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