The Witcher 3 sequel leaves us wanting more

The Witcher 3 sequel leaves us wanting more
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Megan Cooke


25th Jan 2024 23:03

A new comic series will pick up where The Witcher 3 left off and continue Geralt’s story.

The comic will presumably be canon within the story of The Witcher, with CD Projekt Red working alongside Dark Horse to create the series.

A new Witcher comic is being released continuing where the last game left off

A new Witcher comic is coming in May which will continue the story of Geralt from where it left off in The Witcher 3.

The series, called Corvo Bianco after the vineyard given to Geralt in the Blood and Wine DLC, will consist of five comics written by Bartosz Sztybor: the writer behind the The Witcher: Wild Animals and The Witcher: Fading Memories comics.

The official synopsis for the upcoming Corvo Bianco comic states: "For a witcher, the simple life can be hard to come by, and even harder to pass up.

“When Geralt acquires a taste for a slower pace - good wine, and good company - the routines of a witcher are easily eclipsed.

“With Yennefer at his side, one might hope that Geralt will truly get to enjoy a taste of the good life.

“But the stains of history are deep, and with blood and wine, every drop attracts those who want more."

The comics will be released in instalments, starting on 8 May 2024, and will retail for $3.99 in the US.

There is more in store for fans of The Witcher

The comic book is not the only Witcher content which is in the works right now.

The Witcher 4, the official title of which is not yet known, is set to enter its production phase later in the year.

The next franchise instalment is set to feature Lynx School, with fans hoping that Ciri could be returning.

CD Projekt Red also announced last year that it is working on a PC mod editor for The Witcher: Wild Hunt.

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The editor is intended to let players build their own in-game experiences by either editing existing content and quests or developing something completely new themselves.

It seems that there is no shortage of Witcher content, with the TV show continuing to thrive alongside new gaming ventures.

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