You can now grab The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for absolutely nothing

You can now grab The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for absolutely nothing
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Joseph Kime


3rd Jan 2024 12:40

The best part of being a gamer around Christmas is the outpouring of free games that crawl out of the woodwork of different online storefronts. We're adults now, so the joy of opening a PS2 on Christmas morning might be beyond us - but even as we stray into 2024, it seems that the goodies keep on coming.

Free game season isn't over just yet, as there's a new opportunity for you to bag a classic title at no fee - and it's not one you're going to want to miss. For fans of Geralt of Rivia, you're in luck because it's time to revisit The Witcher

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is free to download

Geralt slashes at a monster in The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.
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Though attention might be more on the modern adventures of Geralt, there's no problem with revisiting the classics and seeing where he made his start - which is, as it turns out, free to check out.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition has been made available to download for free via classic game mothership GOG, giving players the chance to take it all the way back to the origins of the iconic series that has been vastly overshadowed by the adventures of Wild Hunt and the book series' Netflix adaptation.

It's not just the game itself that you'll get in the bundle either - the game is DRM-free and comes packaged with digital game manuals, soundtracks, interviews with the team and more. It's a great package, and made even better by the fact that you won't have to toss a coin to your Witcher after all.

How can I download The Witcher: Enhanced Edition?

Geralt's medallion from The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.
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If you fancy picking up the charming bundle for yourself, all you have to do is head to this page on and make a free account on the site to claim The Witcher: Enhanced Edition with a free Card Keg for the franchise's card game spinoff, GWENT.

Although The Witcher: Enhanced Edition came out in 2008, it's still stood the test of time. Getting this free version means you'll be subscribed to the GOG mailing list as a result, but frankly, if these deals come frequently enough, we won't mind. If it's free, we'll take it.

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