Here's What Liam Hemsworth Could Look Like As Geralt In The Witcher

Here's What Liam Hemsworth Could Look Like As Geralt In The Witcher
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10th Nov 2022 13:56

The White Wolf is hanging up his claws, as The Witcher Season 4 will be a very different version of the show on Netflix. Like it or not, you need to accept the fact that Henry Cavill is stepping down and Liam Hemsworth is stepping up as Geralt of Rivia. Sign all the petitions you want, it's not going to make a difference.

It was a shocking turn that no one (seemingly) saw coming, but we've already covered how speculation is rife that Cavill tried to leave after season 2. Once the dust eventually settles on the departure of the OG Geralt, everyone is sure to be clamouring for a first look at Hemsworth in costume.

What Does Liam Hemsworth Look Like As Geralt In The Witcher?

While we don't have some exclusive behind-the-scenes access that gives you a glimpse at Hemsworth as Geralt, 83pixelstudios shared a mythical season 4 poster on Instagram. It shows us that The Hunger Games star could look like as Geralt of Rivia. 

Although we were initially unconvinced by Hemsworth as Geralt, the artwork imagines a beefed-up version of the actor, who looks a lot more like Cavill's portrayal of the Witcher. We'd bet he looks (almost) as good as Cavill in the tub. Still, it'll take more than just fan art to convince some skeptics that Liam Hemsworth is the right man for the job.

As well as being flooded with #NotMyWitcher grumbles, the comments got pretty nasty. "Heart my comment as a dislike" said one - which has since had over 600 likes. Another added, "Well this will be my last season watching The Witcher 😭 Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia, no one else will be! Sucks to suck Netflix!" A third concluded, "All respect to Liam, but I'm just not feeling this. This is a giant mistake. Netflix should have chosen actual writers who had love and respect for the original source material. The one thing they did right was Henry Cavill. Sad day for The Witcher."

Was Liam Hemsworth Nearly Geralt From The Start?

For those still unconvinced that Hemsworth can stand up to Cavill's impressive legacy as Geralt, you might want to know that the younger brother of Chris "Thor" Hemsworth was nearly in The Witcher from the start. According to Redaninan Intelligence, Hemsworth was one of the frontrunners for Geralt in 2018. It doesn't reveal whether he placed before or after Cavill, but it's interesting to learn he was there in the early days. 

The Witcher has found itself in some hot water recently. Cavill's surprise departure just came after a former producer said the writers actively disliked  Andrzej Sapkowski's original books and CD Projekt Red's games of the same name. As one of Netflix's biggest exports, things were never going to end after the upcoming season 3, but still, it casts doubt over the idea of a seven-season run. We'll have to see how Hemsworth fares against the outraged Witcher fandom. 

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