The Witcher author has some bold claims about Netflix’s series

The Witcher author has some bold claims about Netflix’s series
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22nd Nov 2023 10:50

As a series, The Witcher might owe itself to an iconic series of novels. Still, it's become a beast all of its own over the last decade. Andrzej Sapkowski is something of an icon when it comes to fantasy writing, but now, his work has transformed from a simple fantasy series destined for bookshelves.

The Witcher has become an entertainment giant, featuring one of gaming history's most accomplished RPGs and having become Netflix's most popular fantasy franchise. Sadly, it looks Sapkowski's legacy isn't quite being taken as seriously by its spawn as it should be.

Andrzej Sapkowski claims Netflix won't use his ideas

Speaking at Vienna Comic Con, the legendary author responded to a question about his potential feedback for the Netflix series based on his works when he went to visit its set. Sapkowski suggested that the series hasn't put his recent ideas to work.

"Well the set was tremendous, it was so wow, everything," he begins, before revealing that he's been offering some plans to Netflix on-set - but they're not being taken seriously. It's the latest in a number of damning rumours from behind the scenes of the live-action adaptation. 

"But no, maybe I gave them some ideas, but they never listen to me. They never listen to me," added Sapkowski, "But it’s normal, 'Who’s this? It’s the writer, it’s nobody.'" This comes after showrunner Lauren Hissrich denied allegations that the team behind the series have "mocked" the books.

Sapkowski calls adaptations of his work 'strange'

Henry Cavill in The Witcher, with cuts and scrapes on his face.
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The interview has also revealed that Sapkowski's shock in adaptations of his novels has never really worn off, indicating that it's bizarre to see his words brought to life. While Henry Cavill was a megafan of the books, it seems not everyone on the series is, leading to whispers of why Cavill left his role as Geralt.

"Every adaptation that I saw was strange for me, that’s the right word I suppose, strange," he says to Cerealkillerz. "Every visual adaptation is strange for me. I look at it and say, 'Woah, that’s how they picture it? Interesting.' Sometimes the impression of the visual is very nice for me, sympathetic. Sometimes it isn’t, but I will not elaborate."

The sarcastic writer clearly has his opinions of adaptations of his work - but it's only fair, given that it literally stemmed from his mind. We'd be shocked if the burly monster-slayer of our imagination appeared before us in the shape of Henry Cavill too.

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