The happy meals will be exclusive to the UK this time around, following on from the current Spongebob theme.

16:02, 14 Apr 2021

if you could combine two things in life, McDonald's and Pokemon would be on top of my list. The video games and fast food combo is one that reigns supreme, and both choices sit within the top tier of their respective categories.

The two are now set to combine for the first time in the United Kingdom, as Pokémon Happy Meals are coming to McDonald's in the near future. 

According to "NintendoLife", the giant fast-food chain is teaming with Nintendo to bring Pokemon to Happy Meals across the UK starting in May.

As of May 18th, the current Spongebob theme will conclude, reportedly making way for Pikachu and Charizard, which will celebrate the franchises' 25th anniversary.

Inside the cute nugget-filled boxes will be a set of small collectible toys as well as a selection of collectible 25th-anniversary cards, which will make for apt reading whilst slurping a strawberry milkshake. 


The promotion that is set to kick off on May 19th will undoubtedly be heavily monitored, as the American promotion kicked up quite a kerfuffle earlier this year. Having been added to restaurants throughout the United States, the collectible cards became targets of scalpers, who attempted to hoover up the lot and flog them on the internet for extraordinary amounts - not quite the real meaning behind "gotta catch them all", internet warriors.

Nintendo and Pokemon are hard at work celebrating their 25th anniversary. The developers have announced that Diamond And Pearl remakes are on the way later this year, alongside a new Open-World Pokemon title named Arceus.

It's a year set to be dominated by Pikachu and co., and it all starts within a Happy Meal box.



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Image via Nintendo | McDonald's

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