Sony is facing problems as PlayStation 5 users are claiming their next-gen console is randomly shutting down.

12:35, 16 Nov 2020

First the Xbox Series X, now the PlayStation 5. As the battle of the next-gen consoles heats up, both Microsoft and Sony's flagship consoles are being hit with technical gremlins. Although Microsoft quickly debunked the idea of "smoking" Xboxes as a viral hoax, the company has later confirmed an issue where some systems are randomly shutting down.

It seems the PS5 doesn't want to be left out of the problem party as it's also slammed for "not working". The PS5 has only just hit shelves in the USA and isn't even out in the UK yet, but that hasn't stopped the complaints coming thick and fast.

With the PS5 boasting a hefty price tag, it's no surprise gamers are frustrated they've spent so much money and can't even play the latest titles.


What's the issue with the PS5?

YouTuber ACG was supposed to share a review of their PS5 but pointed out "weird issues" with the console coming out of rest. They spoke about a pop up warning that the PS5's storage is "corrupted". In the video, they added how they couldn't post their own review of the PS5 because the console they were sent crashed. 


ACG said he'd give any of his Patreon subscribers a refund if they'd joined to specifically watch his review video. As it stands, Sony is reportedly working with the likes of ACG and anyone else who'd been affected. Admittedly, dead consoles are relatively rare considering how many PS5s have been shipped, however, it's still a major problem for the tech giant. 


How widespread is the issue?

A quick search of the Twitterverse will come up with several Tweets telling the same story. Sony Support has been reaching out to those affected and telling them to get in touch via DM. Although Sony is yet to officially respond, at least someone is aware of the issue. It's unclear what's going on, but putting your PS5 into rest mode while playing the remastered version of Marvel's Spider-Man is a particular culprit. 


Jeff Gerstmann is the co-founder and Editor of Giant Bomb, who pointed to the remaster as a problem child. He said that booting up the PS5 after putting it into rest mode will suggest a database rebuild. Interestingly, Jeff Stevenson, Community Director at Insomniac Games has said the developer knows it's an issue. There have also been reports of phantom game downloads and boot problems, meaning things aren't exactly running smoothly over at Sony.

Whatever is going on, the idea that gamers are being told to completely rebuild their PS5 storage due to corruption it easily the biggest problem. It's hardly the kind of press Sony needs as the PS5 tries to catch up to the Xbox. We guess the only silver lining is the fact the Xbox Series X is also being blasted for similar reasons. Maybe it's the curse of 2020?



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