People Keep Buying The Xbox One X By Mistake Instead Of Series X

People Keep Buying The Xbox One X By Mistake Instead Of Series X

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Tom Chapman


25th Sep 2020 12:24

In the words of Homer Simpson, "Doh!". If 2020 wasn't already bad enough for everyone, it turns out some unlucky gamers have been accidentally buying the Xbox One X instead of pre-ordering the new Xbox Series X.

While the Xbox One has been out since 2013 and had a healthy life cycle thanks to updated versions including 2016's One S, 2017's One X, and 2019's all-digital version, everyone is looking ahead to the next generation of consoles and the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. 

With so many letters flying around, it seems some of you are getting a little confused and parting with your cash prematurely by thinking you're going to get the latest model. We suggest you look a little closer at her fine print because there are growing reports of gamers picking up the wrong console. 


Amazon's "Movers and Shakers" chart had some alarming stats on September 22 when it confirmed sales of the Xbox One X (from 2017) rocketed up by 431%. Admittedly, there hasn't been the same surge in sales for the Xbox One S, however, a search of the Twitterverse confirms some embarrassing blunders where people have got it wrong. Whoops!

One gaming fan also pointed out how Microsoft backed itself into a corner with naming consoles. Andrew Alerts looked at the previous consoles from Xbox through to Xbox One X and explained, "Then what do you do? You can't go Xbox 2/Two because Sony has PlayStation 5 and 2 is less than 5. That matters a lot when non-gamer parents are buying consoles for kids". 


As Microsoft and Sony lock horns over sales of next-gen consoles, at least no one will be confusing the PlayStation 5 for the PlayStation 4. Perhaps the only problem here would be accidentally buying the digital-only version instead of the heftier standard version. Then again, with the digital version coming in at £90 less than its bigger brother, it's still proving to be a popular choice. 

Even as we mock those who bought an Xbox One X, fear not, all is not lost. Amazon has a pretty lenient returns/cancellation policy, meaning you won't be stuck with the wrong model. Still, pre-orders fo the Xbox Series and PS5 have gone through the roof. Although more stocks are on the way, you might struggle to get your hands on either ahead of their November launch if you haven't already secured your spot in the pre-order scramble. 


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