Neon White Dev Says Resident Evil Village Should've Gone Further With Lady Dimitrescu

Neon White Dev Says Resident Evil Village Should've Gone Further With Lady Dimitrescu
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Tom Chapman


5th Jul 2022 13:11

The big woman, is she here? While Capcom tried to make Ethan Winters the poster boy of Resident Evil Village, there was simply no standing up to the towering temptress that was Lady Dimistrescu. Despite her small role, she's become an icon of the video game. However, according to one person behind Neon White, the Resiverse should've gone further with that villainous vamp. 

Similar to how Ada Wong stole the limelight from Leon S. Kennedy, Ethan simply couldn't hold a candle to Lady Dimitrescu. Ironic really, as her role in Resident Evil was confined to the Castle Dimitrescu section that was hyped in the various demos. It's likely Capcom didn't realise just how big Lady D would become. If it had, it could've leaned into the franchise's horny fan base.

Should Resident Evil Village Have Gone Further With Lady Dimitrescu?

Lady Dimitrescu
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Speaking to The LoadoutNeon White Lead Designer Ben Esposito explains how Capcom only scratched the surface of Lady Dimitrescu's potential. "I'm not trying to critique the game overall," said Esposito, "It [Capcom] had a concept with Lady Dimitrescu that was really exciting to a lot of people – as a character she’s really cool conceptually. It's public knowledge that it didn’t necessarily expect that particular aspect [tall vampire lady that can step on you] would be the most exciting to everyone."

Continuing about how the writers could've gone further, Esposito added, "They're trying to create a cast of what I think are actually pretty interesting characters But when you play it with that level of excitement going in you're just like 'oh, there wasn’t enough, they didn't push that far enough.' It's in good taste, but I would have loved to see a version that committed more to that type of character."

Given Lady Dimitrescu's starring role before Village released, many were shocked to learn she had such a minor role as one of the Four Lords. Instead, the role of de facto big bad went to Mother Miranda. Others like Heisenberg and Moreau were all fine, while Donna Benevientio is largely only remembered because of how scary her section of the game was. Either way, no one stacked up (pardon the pun) to Lady D.


Will We See Lady Dimitrescu Again?

Given that Neon White is dubbed as a game made "for freaks, by freaks," we can only imagine what Esposito and co. would do with a giant vampire lady. Don't expect anything too out-there though, as Esposito also explained that to him a freak is someone who can appreciate "the rough edges of videogames – the weird, under-loved, and unhinged content that is part of videogame history."

We can see where Esposito is coming from. After all, it's not every day you see a giant vampire and her adopted daughters, strolling around a gothic castle and being infected by the Cadou parasite. Sadly, apart from playing as Lady D in Village's Mercenaries, we're not sure we'll see her again. The upcoming Shadows of Rose DLC is set 16 years after the main game and will focus on Ethan's daughter as a teenager. Then again, Lady D could unfurl her games via flashbacks or visions. Well, that's one idea that doesn't "suck." 

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