Blizzard Entertainment is working with Overwatch teams to give away free PC copies of the fan-favourite game.

13:28, 01 Oct 2020

If you ever fancied playing Overwatch for free, Blizzard Entertainment's high-octane title could be able to pick up for the princely sum of £0. Whispers of Overwatch going free for some started doing the rounds when esports team Boston Uprising started giving away copies on September 30. However, while the promo was supposed to run until January 2021, it was pulled after a matter of hours.

It turns out there was a lot of confusion, with gamers asking why they'd not heard of the promotion through the official Blizzard channels. So, what exactly is going on, and can you still get Overwatch for free? 


The Boston Uprising site gave the chance to nab Overwatch for free if fans signed up on a special "Get Overwatch" page. Heading over to the page now reveals this message: "Due to high demand, this form is closed. All eligible entries will receive codes within 72 hours". All is not lost though, as it looks like you'll still be able to get a copy from other Overwatch teams.

Posting on Twitter, Overwatch League VP Jon Spencer confirmed they're working with all parties to offer free copies of the game through a number of teams. This is presumably what Boston Uprising was doing - just a little too early when compared to everyone else. As well as PC copies of Overwatch, Spencer confirmed League Tokens will also be given away. Be warned though, it will be in a "limited" quantity. 

The Boston Uprising giveaway was only on PC (through, required entrants to be at least 13 years old, and be a US resident. We assume the same will apply when the other OWL teams run their promos. As games like Rogue Company go free-to-play, there are continued calls for Overwatch to go the same way. 

Even if Overwatch isn't going free-to-play, the fact all 20 teams are offering free copies is still a coup. That being said, you have to ask how many OWL fans are out there who don't already have their copy? There's no news on when Overwatch fans can get their free copy, so keep an eye on OWL's progression.


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Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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