Here comes the sun, du-du-du-du.

13:41, 05 Aug 2020

Moving away from its chilly namesake, Blizzard Entertainment has rolled out the Overwatch Summer Games Event. Pack your beach towel and head down to the water with a piña colada in your hand because summer is officially here - well, in the world of Overwatch

The virtual sun is shining in the first-person shooter, which can mean only thing. Following the success of the previous Summer Games Events, there's a whole host of new summer-inspired looks, challenges, and the welcome return of Lucioball. When it comes to challenges, they'll be split over three weeks and you can pick up some summer lovin' cosmetics.


Overwatch Summer Games

Breaking down the challenges, here's what you can expect from the Summer Games Event and what you can win.

Week One:

  • Win three games - Baseballmari player icon
  • Win six games - Union Jack spray
  • Win nine games - Union Jack Tracer Epic skin

Week Two

  • Win three games - Golfmari player icon
  • Win six games - Sand Castle spray
  • Win nine games - Sand Castle Bastion Epic skin

Week Three

  • Win three games - Surfimari player icon
  • Win six games - Ice Cream spray
  • Win nine games - Ice Cream Orisa Epic skin

The Overwatch Summer Games Event is also dropping five new Legendary skins to pimp your wardrobe. Who doesn't want to nab Tropical Baptiste, Lifeguard Pharah, Karate Doomfist, Surf's Up Echo, and Feskarn Brigitte? 


Overwatch Summer Games

The Lucioball Remix promises to be even wilder and wackier as players are now bombarded with two balls at once. You'll have to keep your wits about you, because whenever a ball is scored, it will quickly respawn to make sure there's always two in play.

Bonus balls will also be rife (worth three points), and there's a new Mercy rule that will end the match when one team is 10 points ahead. As for Lucio himself, he's somehow going to be even faster, boop and punch ranges are increased, and cooldowns are shorter.

Get ready - this really is Overwatch if someone dialled it up to 11. To be honest, I've got my eyes firmly on Ice Cream Orisa. How adorable does she look? Overwatch's Summer Games Event runs from August 4 through to August 26, meaning you've got plenty of time to laze by the pool or hit the beach before time runs out. 

Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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