Players will have to stay in quarantine for about nine more days.

12:48, 23 Sep 2020

Airdrop received. Overwatch League players had been complaining that the food they were receiving in mandatory governmental quarantine in South Korea hadn’t been great. The randomly assigned quarantine locations are giving out three meals a day though the quality changes significantly depending on the location you were quarantined in. 

To alleviate some of the concerns, Overwatch League has now stepped in and sent players care packages containing drinks, sweets and instant-food meals to hold the players over for their stay.

Some players have shared pictures of their care packages on social media.


Foreign visitors to South Korea have to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine because of COVID-19. The Overwatch League had moved their Grand Finals location to South Korea in order to bring the two North American semi-finalists over to Asia to play without a significant latency disadvantage.

Players will have to remain in quarantine for approximately nine more days after which they will be able to stay together with their teams in a shared practice facility. The Grand Finals will then be played out on October 8-10.


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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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