Overpowered Groot skin has finally been trimmed from MW3

Overpowered Groot skin has finally been trimmed from MW3
Courtesy of Activision

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Alex Garton


1st Dec 2023 16:10

A cosmetic that gives players an unfair advantage in Call of Duty will always receive widespread backlash, and that's certainly been the case for Modern Warfare 3's controversial Groot skin so far.

The pay-to-win Gaia skin has been an absolute menace in multiplayer due to its poor visibility, making it almost impossible to see in skirmishes. It's particularly bad on the Wasteland map, where an Operator with it equipped may as well be completely invisible in certain areas.

All of this has led to countless outcries from the community to scrap the skin or at least implement some changes. Well, Sledgehammer has finally responded, as the Groot cosmetic has been temporarily disabled in Modern Warfare 3.

Sledgehammer disable Groot skin in MW3 multiplayer

As reported by the popular Call of Duty account ModernWarzone, the MW3 devs have disabled the Groot (or Gaia) skin in multiplayer.

Anyone who enjoys using the cosmetic doesn't need to panic though, as it's only a temporary measure while the skin's appearance is adjusted. Groot will undoubtedly be back to cause chaos in every game mode very soon, but this time, let's hope it'll be a little easier for enemies to see.

It'll be interesting to see how Sledgehammer attempts to balance the skin. A complete redesign would upset a lot of fans, so expect a more prominent outline or potentially a set of colour changes.

Frustrated Groot skin owners want a refund in MW3

Groot skin lantern MW3
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Not everyone is happy with the news that Sledgehammer is taking action against the OP Groot skin, with some members of the community demanding a refund.

In their eyes, they purchased the Battle Pass with the understanding that the skin wouldn't change, so any adjustments mean the skin means it is no longer the item they purchased. "Skin was in the battle pass, people bought the pass, I want a full refund if they change the skin."

It's very unlikely Activision would ever consider a refund in this case and most likely, the changes to Groot skin will be as minimal as possible - just enough to make it actually visible in-game.

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