Our Final Fantasy remake hopes just took a battering

Our Final Fantasy remake hopes just took a battering
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21st May 2024 16:56

When it comes to gaming, the idea of remakes and remasters is a divisive one. Some of you love seeing your childhood classics rolled out and tarted up for modern audiences, while others claim that the industry has run out of ideas and falls back on remakes.

With Naughty Dog remastering The Last of Us Part II less than four years after it was first released, we can't help but feel some of these arguments are valid. Still, we've seen the likes of Resident Evil and Final Fantasy deliver some truly epic remakes that are more than worth their place in our libraries.

Final Fantasy 9 and Final Fantasy 10 remake rumours take a hit

Trusted leaker Midori has thrown water on the fires of a proposed Final Fantasy 10 remake. When asked whether Square Enix had any remakes in the works, the leaker confidently said, "Yes. But there is not a FFX remake title in development." When grilled on whether we're getting a FF9 remake, they added, "This is correct information."

In September 2023, we heard that a mythical 2024 release for a Final Fantasy 9 remake was up in the air, while development on a Final Fantasy 10 remake was left with a "skeleton crew." It doesn't sound like things have gotten any better in the months since 

We obviously need to take all of the above with a pinch of salt, as yet again, we're simply going off the musings of supposed 'leakers', who don't always get it right. A Final Fantasy 9 remake makes the most sense, especially after the legendary Naoki Yoshida mentioned a "secret" during PAX East. 

Not the Rebirth we were looking for

Final Fantasy X Auron
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There's no word from on high about whether a Final Fantasy 10 remake was ever in the works, but if it was, it might've been canned due to something of a rough patch. Despite the critical and commercial success of 2020's Final Fantasy VII remake, 2024's Rebirth was less of a hit.

While fans couldn't find enough praise for the second chapter of what's supposed to be an epic remake trilogy, the game had more of a lukewarm reception in the sales department. This has led to worries about where Square Enix goes next, especially as Final Fantasy is its biggest IP. If you can't sell a remake based on that, then what can you do?

Still, the acclaimed developer is doing something of an overhaul and looks like it'll be making all future releases multi-platform. This is good news for Xbox and Switch fans (especially as the Switch 2 rumours fire up). We'll take all the Final Fantasy remakes we can, but then again, we're not the ones holding the purse strings.

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