Final Fantasy 7 Remake patch accused of censoring Tifa

Final Fantasy 7 Remake patch accused of censoring Tifa
Image via Square Enix

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Joseph Kime


27th Feb 2024 16:40

Square Enix might be in the process of a big series of remakes with Final Fantasy 7, but that definitely doesn't mean it won't make some big changes.

Mysterious spirits, questions about Cloud's father, and even a switcheroo that could turn the most iconic moment in Final Fantasy history on its head, the remake trilogy isn't afraid to push players' buttons with some heavily rumoured changes.

It seems like there's no stone the team won't overturn to ensure that Final Fantasy 7, though remade faithfully, can be a compelling and unique experience as it stands on its own. And now, some fans are complaining about a change that is ultimately pretty dull.

Final Fantasy 7 update changes one of Tifa's outfits

The change to Tifa's costume in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, displayed with images from before and after the addition of a black top.
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Image via Imgur | Square Enix

A new patch has been rolled out in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, and although it makes a huge collection of incredibly minor changes, there's one that's making the fanboys seethe with rage.

Among the patch notes is a small update to a costume that Tifa wears in a specific cutscene, which has done some work to mildly cover up her chest. It's presumably to combat fan art and uncomfortable leering from fans.

Who'd have thought it, players are annoyed about the change and are calling it a "nerf" to Tifa, as though her chest was a core reason that we cared about her in the first place. Others say it's a "censorship" that has changed their perspective on Square Enix as a company. At this point in the game, remember Tifa is 16 years old.

Final Fantasy fans rage at “censorship” of Tifa’s chest

Tifa Lockheart ready for action in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.
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Image via Square Enix

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Fans have taken to the replies of the Steam Community post, with many complaining that the game has been outright censored. "Another game publisher added to my ignore list," reads one comment. "Sigh, there were several Square Enix games that were on my wish list, but they aren't there anymore.

"The original art in the game was created and approved by the developers, and Sony and Valve allowed it to be sold on their platforms, and then it is censored after being sold to people. You are supposed to censor stuff before selling it to people."

Another added, "I'm waiting for Tifa's new t*ts in my library," and someone concluded, "Was it a 'bug' that one of young tifa's shirts didn't render. no, just be honest lmao and say in patchnotes 'altered cutscene'. If you're going to lie i now think you could have changed ANYTHING in the game. dishonent square."

It's an incredibly strange uproar to watch, and it's a grim reminder of what becomes a hot topic on some of the Final Fantast message boards. Let's hope Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth doesn't get caught in similar 'censorship' scandals.

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