Final Fantasy 9 and 10 remakes get a worrying update

Final Fantasy 9 and 10 remakes get a worrying update
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Jack Marsh


5th Sep 2023 16:55

While many corners of the Final Fantasy world are being explored, updated, refreshed, and re-enjoyed, not all is going well for the franchise.

The world-recognised franchise has been churning out games for the best part of 30 years, making a whopping 126 instalments (including DLCS) of Final Fantasy, but it might now be that fatigue is setting in as decade-old games are being revisited.

Some of the next games that are leaked to be in development are Final Fantasy 9 and 10, but amid so many other projects under the FF banner, it seems like the 9 and 10 remakes are stalling, as a renowned leaker has offered up a worrying update.

Final Fantasy 9 and 10 remakes leak details delays and developmental crisis

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Final Fantasy fans will be in high anticipation of the two upcoming FF16 DLC expansions, which are on the cards alongside a PC port and a FF7 remake. This leaves much to enjoy in the near future.

But with fans also wondering what's next for this game-churning machine, Final Fantasy 9 and 10 remakes have often been discussed by industry insiders like Jeff Grubb as being "definitely real."

However, after whetting the appetite of fans, the projected 2024 timeline of FF9 is now up in arms, and FF10's development is scarce, with a "skeleton crew" in charge.

Leaker claims Final Fantasy 9 remake faces possible delays 

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According to leaks from "I'm A Hero" (via Resetera), the expected 2024 release date for the Final Fantasy IX remake might not be possible anymore, as the "game needs polishing."

The leaker also claimed that the X remake (including X3) will "not be making its anniversary" and is only being developed by a "skeleton crew" at the moment. This reads as quite disappointing news for long-time fans of the franchise and players who enjoyed the X2 remake back in 2016.

For the meantime, Final Fantasy fans will want to wait with bated breath until March 2024 when VII: Rebirth is expected to land, and Square Enix can take another look at how the remakes are performing before throwing more resources at 9 and 10.

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