Fallout: New Vegas is even better thanks to vampires

Fallout: New Vegas is even better thanks to vampires
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22nd Feb 2023 15:57

While the wild wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas is already scary enough, contending with Yao guai and Centaurs is nothing compared to dodging bloodthirsty vampires occupying the Mojave Wasteland.

It's been 13 years (and counting), since Obsidian Entertainment proved the house doesn't always win, as this Bethesda gamble proved to be arguably the best Fallout game ever. Even though there's no sign of a mythical Fallout: New Vegas 2, modders are keeping the OG alive. 

Does Fallout: New Vegas have vampires?

Fallout New Vegas Vampire Trait
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Nexus Mods

As reported by TheGamer, "Wasteland Vapirism" is overhauling the fan-favourite Fallout outing and adding a The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion-esque vampire trait. As well as this, there's a playable vampire race you can really sink your teeth into.

If you decide to spread your wings as a vampire, you'll get added perks, including immunity to fall damage and poison, an extra 100 to your health and the ability to breathe underwater or carry extra weight. As a vampire, you'll obviously be afflicted with an aversion to sunlight. 

Fresh blood will be added to the inventory of humans and animals on death, but be warned, Blood Packs foraged from the Wasteland won't work. You won't die from dehydration, but instead, your crypt-dwelling creature will become more feral. Be warned, you'll also have -100 fire resistance. 

Where is our New Vegas sequel?

This isn't the first time we've seen vampires make the leap from The Elder Scrolls. A quick search of Nexus Mods shows a tonne of vampire mods for Fallout 4, which obviously look a little more graphically impressive than the New Vegas one.

Who knows, maybe in a fictional New Vegas sequel, we could get actual vampires? As has become standard in any interview with Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart, it all comes back to New Vegas 2. He's even said he'd love to make another Fallout game

New Vegas Director Josh Sawyer said he'd always imagined California or the Midwest for a fictional sequel, but sadly, nothing has come to pass. For now, Obsidian is busy working on The Outer Worlds 2 and Avowed, with the official Twitter account cashing its chips on the idea of returning to New Vegas

We know Fallout 5 is on the way from Bethesda, but with the acclaimed developer now falling under Microsoft's umbrella, it's being pushed further down the priority list. With years until the next Fallout, we say it's a pretty good time for New Vegas 2 or a long-rumoured New Vegas remake

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