Nintendo could get a surprise Switch Mini before its successor

Nintendo could get a surprise Switch Mini before its successor
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Tom Chapman


6th Dec 2023 15:51

They say it's not the size, it's what you do with it. That might be the new mantra of Nintendo, as the gaming giant could release a brand-new version of the classic Switch. We've seen the Switch Lite for the more budget-conscious and the OLED for those who want to splash the cash, but what about a Switch Mini?

It's been six years since the Switch released, and while Game of the Year contenders like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have proved it can still keep up with its beefy PlayStation and Xbox cousins, gamers are rightly asking what comes next. Forget the Switch Pro or Switch 2, there could be a little brother or sister on the way.

Nintendo patent points to the Switch Mini

As reported by Notebookcheck, Nintendo insider Nash Weedle claims Nintendo has a patent for a new console, referred to as the Switch Mini or Switch Micro. Alongside moving the buttons, there's apparently a new screw system, the ability to add a protective shell for gaming on the go, and compact cooling technology.

Nash Weedle goes on to predict when this mythical Switch Mini could release, and even gives it a potential price point. Taking it all with a pinch of salt, they predict a February 16, 2024, release and a €149/$162/£128 price tag.

Again assuming this is gospel, there could be cartridge compatibility, 12 hours of gaming battery life, and a wide array of colours. Given that the Switch Lite was released in 2019, a totally portable Switch is also due for an upgrade.

2024 could be a massive year for Nintendo

Mario vs. Donkey Kong gameplay
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Even with all of the leaks and schematics, it's wild that Nintendo still hasn't confirmed the existence of a Switch successor. Much like how Rockstar Games refused to confirm GTA 6 was in the works until years after leaks did, Nintendo is seemingly holding something back. Then again, this could be the ultimate troll.

Time is ticking down on 2023, meaning that anything new from the House that Mario built will likely come in 2024. We've heard about the Switch Pro coming next year, and if there's also a Switch Mini on the way, Nintendo might be in for its biggest year yet. 

This is good news because aside from Mario vs. Donkey Kong and Princess Peach: Showtime, its slate is looking a little bare right now. Tears of the Kingdom doesn't look like it's getting a DLC, and with Metroid 4 stuck in development/no sign of a Mario Odyssey successor, Nintendo would be wise to turn its attention to hardware in 2024.

Nintendo made bank on its NES Classic Edition and the Super NES Classic Edition, so it's clear there's love for pint-sized revamps. Whether the Switch Mini is the real deal or just another of those Nintendo patents that goes nowhere, consider us sold on the idea.

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