Nintendo Switch 2 reportedly secretly revealed at Gamescom

Nintendo Switch 2 reportedly secretly revealed at Gamescom
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Joseph Kime


30th Aug 2023 15:25

The end of the Nintendo Switch's life cycle appears to be peeking over the horizon, and oh boy, what a ride it's been.

There's no doubt that the handheld-home hybrid has been a real game-changer, not just for the ability to experience Nintendo titles in different ways, but for the wider gaming industry as competitors attempt to capture its magic and never truly meet that Nintendo golden standard.

Though we've had some incredible games on the console (arguably, some of the best that the company has ever produced), it's nearing time to say goodbye as its sales plateau. And now, it looks like some players have already gone hands-on with the future.

Nintendo reportedly shared their new console behind closed doors at Gamescom

As fans start to get excited about the future of Nintendo, it has been reported by insider Jez Corden that the next Nintendo Switch 2 (or whatever we'll call it) has been shown to a select few behind closed doors at Gamescom.

Reporting the news on Twitter, Corden suggests that there could be some leaks on the way as a result.

We won't know if this is to be believed until leaks actually start to come out, as of course, this is only a rumour. Still, it's certainly compelling if those lucky few have had a glimpse at what's next.

Is the new Nintendo console a Switch 2?

A Nintendo Switch console, lit up ready to play The Gardens Between.
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There is still a presumption that the new Nintendo console could be a direct successor to the Nintendo Switch, given its huge successes and brilliant manoeuvrability. As of right now, there is no confirmation that Nintendo is looking to its current tentpole as inspiration for the new hardware.

A simple Switch 2 makes sense because of the OG's immense creative superiority. The Switch is a special console, and there's little doubt that a more powerful counterpart could bang just like its father. But then again, we said the same thing about the Wii U, and we all know how that turned out.

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